One Piece after two years

I’m not a regular One Piece manga reader. I’m more loyal to the anime counterpart. But I’ve been waiting for this since I saw them separated so very painfully from one another on that fateful encounter with Mr. Bear. So I read. At first, I was hoping for a fellow One Piece gang to roughly tell me the story like he usually do but I have to read this for myself.

So what has happened after two years? I know in anime Luffy is still trying to save Ace so I shouldn’t have know what happened next. I’m not a spoiler hater. As the matter of fact, I ENJOY reading spoilers. Don’t ask me why. Back to the question. Now, I’ve expectations for this new chapter. I wanted to know what are their new image and skills. Perhaps appearance isn’t really important but with two years, for the teenagers I expect growth.

Sadly, I’m not fed with what I had in mind. Yes, there are major or minor changes to all characters. I was hoping to see Usopp and Luffy a little taller since they were 16/17. Boys at that age are expected to grow no? I’m not sure about Luffy yet but Usopp still pretty much the same height. Despite that, he kicked some asses there with well, flowers. Weird. Maybe it’s cuz romanized word for “Nose” and “Flower” is the same. Hana. Alright. I get it. Lame. Fine…

It’s true my expectations weren’t fulfilled but I enjoyed this chapter a lot. I literally had a smile plastered on my face when reading the entire 24 pages. There are a few things bothering me like how Chopper is being ridiculously stupid for not recognizing his friends and how some of the Fake Mugiwara weren’t able to recognize the originals. If I am to fake someone, I’d be sure I know the face of that person right down to the bones.

After letting to story going through my mind and finally settling down, I couldn’t help but to be amazed by this extraordinarily brilliant mangkas. Oda. Kishimoto. To plan a story this huge must’ve taken a lot of effort. They’ve master-planned this whole story. It certainly requires a genius to be able to look this far and slowly develop the story week by week. I don’t have the patience for that. I’m more of a one-shot or book person, complete a story before publishing. Otherwise, I’m 100% sure I wouldn’t be able to continue it.


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