One Piece Green (Databook) 1

I usually don’t write reviews and thoughts about manga chapters, and I’m not starting now either. But having read One Piece Green: Secret Pieces, I’m compelled to write something about it. It’s just so exciting. At first glance, I thought it is going to present how Oda conceived the One Piece idea and the various illustrations of the characters before deciding what design each character should have. I also thought maybe it’ll tell us more about the characters and whatnot.

Wrong. Nevertheless, it still contain some interesting stuff. It’s by far the longest chapter, if it’s to be called a chapter. There are 39 pages in total. I adore the illustrations on the first few pages. If the size is right, I might’ve already used it as my desktop wallpaper.

I’m absolutely excited about the, what I call, “progress chart”. I interpret this as how One Piece has progressed, is progressing and will progress. We’re definitely at the last phase. Exciting! We’ll be seeing more about and of revolutionary army and the people in New Age. If you think that the people in Grand Line is powerful, you’re in for a surprise. I definitely think that people in the New Age is much, much stronger.

This databook sorta serve as something to refresh our memories with the formation of StrawHat pirates before their Grand Line adventures. Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp and Sanji. Five really cool people from East Blue. Comparing their old self and their current self, the growth is just immense. The pages have quick recaps on where Luffy picked them up and what sorta events unfold during that time.

Half of this databook is dedicated to Coby and Helmeppo (Cobymeppo). It’s interesting to see these two cowards have grown into such strong men. The transformation didn’t come easily. Most part showed Coby diligently working towards his goals while Helmeppo slacking off a little. Haha. And I totally forgot that Garp used to wear that hideous looking dog (is it a dog?) mask!! So glad he took that off.

Anyways, this is really something out of the ordinary. Hmm…I don’t know if I get to read an actual One Piece chapter or not this week after having read this….


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