Ramblings on Anime Winter Season 2011

I’ve recently viewed the Winter Anime Season 2011 (I’m utterly confused with the year here. Maybe that’s cuz I’m from a country where there’s no four seasons?) list, and decided that I’d be following two animes. For now. You read the list here and decide what you want to watch.

Kimi ni Todoke

How can I not want to watch the second season of one the  best anime of all time? I’m reading the manga, and I can tell you that there’ll be tons of exciting stuff that will be happening. That’s if the anime follows closely to the story in manga. Ha!

Kimi ni Todoke, or affectionately referred to as KimiTodo, has generated massive positive reviews from fans on the net. All the blog posts and tweets I’ve read sang nothing but praises for this romance shoujo anime. I share their views. Seldom do I get the chance to see an anime with such well-developed characters, including the supporting characters, and one that is highly emotional. There are moments when I’ll laugh so hard, and there are moments when I feel like I’m about to cry. The strong interactions between the major characters is what make this anime so special. Suffice it to say, Kimi ni Todoke certainly has the quality to relate and connect well with audiences. It’s something that not all anime are capable of.

I’m sooo looking forward to seeing this anime next season. Now, why don’t they run a second season for Skip Beat?!


I seriously have no idea what this is, but I’m giving this a shot after reading its inviting summary. You can read more of it here. I love mysteries. I hope this doesn’t turn out like Milky Holmes because I just can’t stand it!

I have a few expectations for Gosick.

  1. Real mysteries. Murders. Thefts. Kidnapping. Anything but looking for who’s the culprit that ate the bread in the kitchen!
  2. I noticed the characters look kind of young but I’m not in the mood for cutesy adventures. So I’m going for an anime with serious, heavy mood.
  3. Since it’s set in 1924, I’m expecting well-illustrated buildings depicting the old days in Europe. Think bricks, horses, dark streets, bricks, bricks and bricks.

Oh well, I hope I enjoy these two series because the rest on the list is just meh. I might or might not go through the first episodes of other series, depending on the circumstances. Who knows I might end up picking more? Does that happen to you, if you’re an anime fan like me?


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