Reasons why I dropped Bleach

At one point, I consider myself a faithful follower of the big three – One Piece, Bleach and Naruto. I speak nothing but their goodness. I help spread the love of these shōnen anime/manga. Mostly anime.

Things started to change late last year or early this year. I cannot pinpoint the accurate timing, but I’m pretty sure it’s within the last 12 months. Bleach started to get boring and too predictable. Yes, anime/manga of this genre are usually predictable but boring? I don’t think so. I continued following the series despite that. Weeks after weeks, I get disappointed with its plot development. It occurred to me what really drew me to Bleach was the skills flaunted by the soul reapers, and I wasn’t even given that. Coupled with shitty storyline, I decided enough is enough.

There are several reasons that led me to this decision.

  1. Aizen was invincible – and I didn’t like it. I hated that he kept winning with that smirk on his face. This is when I’m starting to get bloody pissed off with the story. It’s not cool to see the good guys not getting one chance against Aizen. Vizards came to the rescue, but only to underscore the power of Aizen. Even when big guns such as Uruhara Kisuke and Shihōin Yoruichi came to the rescue, it was no good. This is getting ridiculous.
  2. Kurosaki Ichigo’s lack of trust in his friends and comrades is just unattractive. He’s in the war with others, who have experience on the events much more that he has. It’s true that he holds the key. It’s true that he’s very powerful. Still, he should have at least believe that his friends are capable of saving their own asses without his help. To put him in a good light, he’s just too worry about his friends and shoulder all the heavy burdens for his own good. Otherwise, he could easily come off as an arrogant guy who thinks he’s better than anyone else. Period.
  3. The story, especially the battle between the Shinigami and Espada,
  4. There are too many characters to keep track of. One Piece and Naruto are guilty of this as well.
  5. The opening of the story after the time skip just bloody sucks. Everyone changed as expected but there isn’t anything interesting that happened or set to happen to hold the attention of readers, who are like me, are worn out with the prolonged war that happened for the last few months. This is what ultimately made me quit Bleach.

That said, I’m done with Bleach.

5 thoughts on “Reasons why I dropped Bleach

  1. I don’t remember why exactly I stopped watching The Otaku Triforce of doom…oh yeah, because they stopped airing One Piece in Latin America;s Cartoon Network and the only time I can watch Naruto is 2 AM. Also I don’t have the urge to download the series and watch it online. I have plenty of other shows on my schedule anyway.

    • When did I wrote this post? Right, more than a year ago. I did read a few chapters of Bleach after this post but ultimately dropped it again. And I know for sure this time is for real. I now have absolutely no interest in how the story is.

      I still read/watch Naruto and One Piece though.

  2. This is how I feel towards both Naruto and Bleach, can’t really stand neither of those series. It’s rather sad because both Kishimoto and Kubo did write some good arcs but their stories just fell apart as time went on. Only time Bleach has ever come close to the solid storytelling of Soul Society was during the first half of the blood war arc and in Naruto, Sasuke became the only decent character. Ironically, I still read them, perhaps it’s nostalgia or Bleach’s final villain but there’s something I can’t pinpoint that still draws me back to those series.

    • I’m still following Naruto but not Bleach. With what’s happening in Naruto recently also made me cringed. I’m not entirely sure if new characters popped up in the middle of nowhere and then died is a way to lengthen the series.

      Maybe sometimes it’s because we’ve followed a series for that long a period and invested so much of our time, we’re unwilling to let it go. And we have that curiosity to know how it finally ends! =)

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