Ramblings on Megane na Kanojo

Four short stories about girls who wear glasses.

– AnimeNewsNetwork

Warnings – there may be spoilers ahead. I don’t think I have the talent to ramble about an anime without providing references to it.

I picked up Megane na Kanojo on a whim. It’s very short. Only four episodes so why not? And it got me thinking a few random things.

  1. Why are there tons of anime revolving around girls with glasses? Especially how the girls suddenly become popular after switching to contact lenses. Or boys with glasses fetish.
  2. Is wearing glasses that terrible?
  3. Anime girls’ glasses are usually half-rimmed. The lower half, that is (check out the glasses of the girl on the upper left – can you see?). It’s not the type of glasses I see people wear. Actually, none so far.
  4. Glasses has recently become a fashion item. A must-have accessory for fashion maniacs. So why isn’t it given the credit it deserves? Ha!

Anyways, this anime is not bad to kill time with. It’s quite funny, light and relaxing. I think it’s romantic comedy since it’s always about a couple and the girl wears glasses. Overall, the second episode is the best among the four and the third being the most boring while I totally find the fourth one pointless. 😛

Like I said, it’s an anime for me to kill time with. It’s pretty good if you’re waiting for your car ride or anything for that matter.


2 thoughts on “Ramblings on Megane na Kanojo

  1. -To answer your 1st question, quite simple, megane babes are usually hot…usually.
    -Hell no it isn’t terrible to wear glasses. I wear them.
    -Hmm, I never noticed that many anime girls wear similar types of glasses that aren’t worn in real life.
    -I have no answer for the 4th question.

    It sounds like something I’d pick up when I feel like it.

    • – haha, megane babes is one of your favorites!
      – I wear them too, and I don’t think it’s terrible at all.
      – Oh, maybe just this part of the world.
      – Lol! Things have changed a little this one year. Now people are wearing glasses without erm..glasses. Yeah.

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