Manga & Me in 2010

I was introduced to anime first. I have always thought that moving pictures are way much better than still pictures. I even think that I get more with anime than I do with manga. With that reason alone, I avoided manga until this year. My reasoning has a flaw. It’s probably true that I get more with anime if it is a shōnen manga. More action, that is. Know what I mean? This is not likely the case with manga of other genre. For instance, Hatsukoi Limited and Nodama Cantabile offered more in manga than in anime. I learn firsthand what the characters were thinking. That’ll make a lot of sense when I see some of their behaviors and reactions. But their thoughts are seldom conveyed in anime.

I picked up a few shōjo manga this year and started following Naruto and One Piece quite religiously. Having friends to discuss what’s the latest happening in Naruto and One Piece keep me going with the manga. I only started reading One Piece after the timeskip. I simply couldn’t wait until this scene is animated. I have not seen them together for so long, and laughter comes easily when the nine are together. I never thought I’ll continue reading its following chapters but I guess I just really want to know what will happen to Luffy & Co and their remaining journey. From what I understand, Oda is entering the final phase of his masterwork. It will not end within a couple of years but if it’s One Piece, I’m cool with it.

As for Naruto, I don’t remember the exact reason for picking it up but it’s somewhere along the line of having a gang to discuss the latest chapter with. There are so much happening this year. It has definitely build up the momentum. The war has begun. Characters have matured. After watching Naruto for so long, I’m happy that he finally got a lot stronger than he was. The question now remains. Who will win? Sasuke or Naruto? I’ve always seen Naruto as a Sasuke vs Naruto thing. It has always been the rivalry cum friendship between those two even though the main villain was never any one of them. Hmm..Sasuke has been missing-in-action quite a bit though.

Now, I struggled with whether or not I should write this. I did pick up Bleach manga this year, but I also dropped both Bleach manga and anime this year. I figured since the title is Manga & Me in 2010, I owe it to write at least a bit about Bleach manga. For the same reasons why I started reading Naruto and One Piece, I picked up to read all the massiveness going on between Arrancars and rest of the world. Bleh. For what’s worth, the highlight for Bleach manga this year is definitely that Aizen is finally defeated in the hands of surprise, surprise – Kurosaki Ichigo. To all Bleach fans, it’s likely they were all thrilled with Ichigo’s another power up in his skills. What comes after Aizen’s defeat is yet another timeskip. But in Bleach, that’s bloody boring for me.

Shōjo manga – strangely, I am motivated to read Kimi ni Todoke and Skip Beat! on my own. I think I know the reason – I don’t know if I’ll ever get to watch the remaining manga chapters animated!! I’m not that worry about Kimi ni Todoke since the new season will start airing 4th January 2011. But Skip Beat!? I don’t know…I kinda hope it will show the not so very far away future..The one thing I don’t like about shōjo manga is that its chapter releases are slow. Once a month? Once every two months? Once every fortnight? I don’t know. I forgot to read it sometimes until the chapters pile up. By my standard, the break between chapters is long. I’ll be soooo old before one series end!!

So….currently on my reading list are

  1. One Piece
  2. Naruto
  3. Kimi ni Todoke
  4. Skip Beat!

The series I’ve completed in 2010 are

  1. Hatsukoi Limited
  2. Nodame Cantabile

There’s a huge disadvantage in reading manga while also seeing its anime at the same time (or after a few years for that matter). More often than not, anime does not follow exactly what was illustrated in the manga. This is really irritating! This has happened both in Hatsukoi Limited and Nodame Cantabile. In Nodame Cantabile: Finale, I was looking forward to see Chiaki reuniting with his father but it never happened. I was disappointed but not enraged. I thought it’ll be good for the father and son to meet again when Chiaki was sorting out his feelings for Nodame. Damn, it should have been on the TV. Haha.

Now that I’ve found some love with manga, I’ll continue reading the ones I’m currently reading (duh!) and maybe pick up a new series or two next year. Who knows. Any good ones to introduce?

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