Naruto Nya~

Naruto Shippudden episode 189 was an anime episode dedicated to nya~ spirit. ROFL. I normally see those sort of thing in anime of other genres. You know, the ones loaded with cuteness and maids and whatnot. So for me to see Naruto & Co. started saying nya~ is just hilarious. I’m not sure if this tickle your funny bones but certainly did mine.

Please beware – the rest of the post will be loaded with pictures of Team 7 in nya~ spirit and with that pictorial SPOILERS!

This is seriously the best shot I could take of Naruto donning nekomimi. Other screengrabs will see him alongside with the other two. He’s the most excited about the ears, I tell you!

This is not a solo Sakura shot, but I love this! The cat there is so cheeky! And Sakura’s face is freakin’ hilarious here. See that thing in her hand? She was served cat food. I really burst out laughing on this scene.

A really cool shot of the cool Sasuke. There’s quite a number of Sasuke individual shots but I chose this.

To sum it up, I must have a group shot of Team 7 with nekomimi no? Don’t you think Naruto and Sakura’s face are lovely?

Oh I must share this! She crawls like a cat too.

If you’re wondering why are they wearing those cat ears (nekomimi), they are used as a device to help them communicate with cats. Without them, Naruto & Co. won’t be able to understand what the cats are saying. I can’t really remember if others keep ending their sentences with ‘nya’ – which is usually use to represent cat-like stuff – but I sure hell remembered Naruto ALWAYS ended his sentences with ‘nya’. HILARIOUS.


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