There Are Games I Just Can’t Play

I’m not sure if it happens to you, but it sure hell happened to me. Otherwise, this post would not even be here.

Remember how I occasionally tweeted about the coming of The 3rd Birthday? I finally played it late last year but I didn’t even complete Episode 1!! One of the reason is of course my poor grasp of Japanese language but I’ve seen one person who has no extensive knowledge of the language completed the game and is on his way trying to complete it AGAIN in hard mode. And there’s another reason which really prompted me to stop for real was – I keep getting headaches.

The 3rd Birthday isn’t the first game I suffered headaches from while playing it. I remember 8 years ago or so, I played my first and only FPS game which goes by the name of “Delta Force”. After my first game, my head was spinning like mad! I stopped playing the game since. I didn’t like the game enough to try again. Ha!

Then after I got my PSP, I tried “Snoopy vs. the Red Baron”. It’s such a cute game but flying Snoopy is not a working formulae for me. I can only want to puke (literally) by the end of each game. Oh no, not because the game sucks or anything. Don’t get me wrong. I even tried several times since but had to stop completely after series of headaches. My friend is as curious as I am about this odd condition of mine. You see, we’re suppose to be playing that game together. He ended up having to playing the game on his own.

This weird scenario happened again with The 3rd Birthday. After getting slight headaches twice from playing the game, I quit. I can assure your T3B has a lot of potential to become one of my favorite games. It has what it takes, really. I like the opening scene, the music ain’t that bad and the graphics – wow! Need I say more? But it’s not meant to be.

While writing this post, I couldn’t help but wonder why is that there are some games I could play and that there are some games I just couldn’t. Most games I’ve completed on PSP aren’t action-packed. God of War!! I could complete two God of Wars without any issues!! That’s loaded with actions no? So WHY???

Does this ever happen to you or I’m the only odd creature that ever walked on this earth?

4 thoughts on “There Are Games I Just Can’t Play

  1. I dont play CoD(hmmm the latest ones) out of preference…ive stopped playing many online games except Dota online now because i find many of them repetitive…..but sometimes i take a step back from massive FPS or action games and take a break…..playing point and click puzzle games calms my nerves (cough*Monkey Island*cough). and i didnt considered stopping on most games i played no matter how hard they were (Im definitely a masochist for i enjoy playing games the most when its giving me the headache). For you,hmmm maybe thats just the side-effects of watching TOO MANY anime……youll get better soon. xD

    • LOL! Really? Hmm..I never thought of that. Maybe I should stop watching anime for a few months and then start playing The 3rd Birthday again to test out your theory for a bit. >.<

      I heard so much of Monkey Island but never got around playing it!!

      I try to complete a game if I can – which is why I'm so proud to be able to complete the God of War games on my PSP. I started playing God of War I on PS3 in March and I haven't complete it yet -_-. I'm definitely spending more times of anime than games,

  2. I can’t play fps games. I don’t know. I am the same as you in a way that I get dizzy playing those kind of games. I am ALSO looking forward to The Third Birthday but when I played it, it just don’t work. >.< the only games that do not cause me any pain in my head are the RPGs. hehe XD

    • Awww…come, let’s cry together at one corner. >.<

      But at least we have games that we can play right? That's a good thing. GTA, God of War, The Sims for me and RPGs for you. Yay.

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