Life As It Is in The Sims 3

I realized it was very boring playing a single character, so I decided to create another character – lo and behold – a female character as an additional member of the McGuire household.

Let me introduce my female character first. As I mentioned before, I suck at creating female characters. But no matter how sucky I am, female character it is.

Of course, like my guy, female characters are also entitled to the same plastic surgery facial customization.

I like the makeup they have. Very nice. Very modern.

I didn’t really like any of the female hairstyles. They just look weird. This is the best they’ve got – in my opinion, that is.

Like my guy, there are abundant of clothes to choose from. The accessories aren’t bad too. So this is how she looks like at the end of the customization process. What do you think?

Now, that I’ve introduced my lady. Here are the bits and pieces of the McGuire household to date.

I’m totally psyched when I found out my characters are able to drive. I just love cars even if I can’t drive them.

Not only the characters can drive, they can cycle too.

C’mon, let’s sing – I will follow you ~. (This joke only make sense to Malaysians who are aware of the DiGi’s yellowman). The thing about The Sims 3 is that I get to follow my characters everywhere. Here, my guy is working in his office. He’s only a toddler sports coach now. He will be a star athelic…someday. Pardon me that his face isn’t in the screenshot. I think it wasn’t captured or something.

Oh, they shower too. They always shower. It’s basic hygiene.

They eat too. Here’s Kyle cooking. I can choose Natural Cook as a trait for my characters.

Because fitness is the key to healthy life, I made my characters work out. And since my guy has an athelic’s ambition, I had to make sure he’s in top shape.

Swimming is fun and he gets to work out too.

Hugs and kisses. If relationships aren’t maintained, they will break. Very realistic. Another thing is your childhood friends grow up with you. How cool is that?

When they’re tired, they sleep. Not only that, these two snore like thunder. ZZZZZZzzzzZZZzzz

They’re good citizens so they pay their bills too. This is the payment method. Yes, Kyle is paying his bills via letterbox. I’m sure there’s little humans inside the letterbox that will help him deliver his bills to the debtor.

Look at that! She’s painting. My girl’s lifetime wish to master art skills. If I remember correctly, those skills are painting skill and …..

guitar skill! Very artsy indeed. Currently, she’s more of a painter than a musician. Ha!

This is very unexpected! I know there’ll be burglars, but still I didn’t expect them to rob my house. I wish I could include in this post the song that accompanied this whole theft scene. Very cute.

The Sims 3 is not the latest of games but it’s always fun to play with. Now I’m trying to make sure my guy and girl achieve their goals first before I go for a family. It ain’t easy trying to raise up kids even if it’s only game. Been there, done that. Ha! Since they are only young adults, there’s no need to hurry.

In my days lacking any interesting anime to watch, gaming is usually the alternative. Since the season has already official begun, I may spend less time with The Sims 3 but rest be assured, I’ll definitely post updates if there are changes to my fictional McGuire household.

P.S I was told that my guy looks like David Beckham. Aw…that’s such a sweet comment. I should clarify this however – I didn’t create him in Beckham’s image.

P.S.S I was also asked why I didn’t create my girl to look like Victoria Beckham. Well, cuz I never imagine my guy to be David Beckham so why on earth would I be creating her to be like Victoria?

P.S.S.S The only time that I ever create a character to look like someone is Roronoa Zoro of One Piece fame. That was two years ago.


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