Ace’s Death

I figured I should only post this like two, three days after One Piece episode 482 aired. I’ll assume most One Piece anime fan would have watch this week’s episode already. If you’re also a manga reader, then you know what happens next after the strangle-worthy foul-mouth Akainu punch through Ace’s body like that.

Warnings – possibilities of spoilers ahead.

I have mixed feelings about Ace’s death. A part of me has been looking forward to this scene, and yet a part of me does not want this to come so soon. It’s expected nonetheless, but still I never thought my hair would stand its end when the day finally arrived. I was totally unprepared. Seeing Akainu’s hand punched through Ace’s supposedly harmless body, blood spilled, his vivre card burnt..I was left speechless.

Many Ace’s fans out there may have been disappointed with the progress of the plot or are even angry that Ace has been killed off. My friends were all cursing. He was, after all, only freed from death penalty just moments before. My friends and I have debated whether Ace’s death is necessary. I believe it is.

Without Ace’s death, Luffy may never think that he’s very weak in comparison to the Admirals and the rest of the high-ranking marines. He knows that he’s weak. Otherwise he wouldn’t try to avoid fighting the warlords. He told his crew to run when challenged by Kuma. He was glad he didn’t fight Hancock. These showed that he knows he’s not strong enough to fight them. But I bet he doesn’t know he’s that weak. So I like to believe that Ace’s death had played a role in Luffy’s growth as a man and as a leader. Sure, the Marine vs Whitebeard war itself can show Luffy how weak he is. Without Ace’s death, he would’ve also train harder to grow stronger. But in Luffy’s eyes, Ace’s a much stronger opponent. Yet he died in the hands of that wicked Akainu. It’s a wake up call. Reading the recent manga chapters suggested that Luffy’s a little wiser and a little calmer.

Ace’s like a very minor character in One Piece, and has very little screen time. Yet, he played such a huge role in shaping today’s Luffy. How cool is that?

Sigh…I never thought One Piece would usher in the New Year with Ace’s death!


9 thoughts on “Ace’s Death

  1. I think it also ups the ante that the New World is serious business. Up until now the joke in fandom was no one died in One Piece unless it was a flashback. Now Ace and Whitebeard are permanently and unequivocally dead. People might actually die in the present.

    In the current arc I am 99.99% sure that Camie is going to live but if she were in serious danger I now have a .001 feeling that she might die and other characters other than Luffy have a greater feeling of possible mortality which I think the manga needed if Oda wants to convince us that the New World is dangerous.

    – Hisui

    • It looks like it’s inevitable that death is part of One Piece’s plot advancement now. I believe too that it’s necessary to show us readers just how dangerous the New World is.

  2. well ace’s death was certainly the authors way of making luffy realise how powerless he was and to aim more on getting himself stronger which what happened afterall that “haki” training with rayleigh which level-up’d his powers….(heheh level-up whats this a game lool)

    but authors makes opening for comebacks…like how ace’s death was SOOOOOO…open well IMO. Like noone cared about ace’s corpse and just left it with the whole island crumbling. Also i rewatched the episode and notice how ace’s bloodsplatter(far from akainu’s heat) hardened into a small spheres while does close at akainu remained liquid…which might be related to the sudden disappearance of mr.3 bon clay…..(mr.3 disguised as ace and sacrificed himself…..quite possibe IMO)

    or well maybe i’m just blindy hoping….well atleast if we see ace walking tall in one of one piece’s future episodes you surely ouldn’t be that sureprised……

    • Hmm…as much as I like for Ace to come back to life again, I highly doubt that is possible. Shanks did ask for Ace and Whitebeard’s body for burial so Ace’s corpse is not left unattended.

      The idea of Mr. 3 disguising Ace is really interesting. I never view the whole situation like that before. You’ve got great observation skills for noticing the blood splatter. I didn’t notice that. Hehe. Sadly, I can assure you that Mr. 3 is very much alive.

      Still, having Ace alive again is a wishful thinking.

      • WELL its all IMHO…… i heard of whitebeard remains buried and luffy and crew mourning his death….. maybe i skimmed shank’s asking fr ace’s…. gotta confirm it and maybe ill see other things pointing at ace being alive… but till then ACE-NATICS out there…cross-fingers ^x^

        • well death’s ace is much more believable in the manga rather than the anime…….all i can say is ace’s death in the manga is as good as 90% confirmed..but still i’m not the author of it and i dont know what runs in his head…still theres that 5% chance that he is alive…..the marines never get too see ace being buried…….where is mr. 2 now when impel down is literally is in chaos and magellan is defeated (mr.2 has the ability to copy anyone’s face…)…..possible kumaxvegapunk hidden agenda (considering the scattering of strawhat crew in each of their own island not by chance..and vegapunk letting kuma guarding the sunny-go.) and kuma possibly still working for dragon…….did mihawk just trained zoro…XoX awesome….and still the new nakama issue(some say jinbei..others crrocodile…well all i can say i hope sunny’s klabautermann gets to be their new nakama…sobT_Tsob miss you going-merry…..)

          well that OP is all about…about action..about twist…about PURE RAW EPICNESS TO THE HIGHEST LEVEL….BANZAI LUFFY (singing WE ARE loudly…)

          • I love your reading your comments. I really mean it. It’s full of ideas.

            I hate to say this, but at the moment I can’t imagine any possibility of Ace being alive. But as you said, we’re not the authors so we can’t be sure what’s going to happen. After all, OP is really about surprises and actions and all.

            Now, Mr.2. No one really knows what happen to him. If I remember correctly, in the anime one of the guys reports to Sengoku a Magellan’s message so we can assume Mr.2 is a goner. BUT – a huge but, by the way – we don’t know if that’s the real Magellan or if it’s Mr.2! This is so exciting. I totally love to see the faces of marines if it’s Mr.2. And if it’s Mr.2, how did he defeat Magellan? That monster’s power is just terrifying. Sigh. Too bad manga hasn’t revealed much of the marines lately. Heck, we don’t even know who’s the fleet admiral at the moment. So much questions unanswered. We can only wait.

            Yeah, totally agree with you that Mihawk training Zoro is just awesome. I literally shriek with joy when I saw Zoro asking Mihawk to train him. The only question remains – how is Zoro going to defeat his teacher right now? It is his dream to defeat Mihawk and become world’s strongest swordsman right? And then, what role will Dragon play in the future. Will he be a friend or a foe? He took Robin under his wings for that two years but will his vision clashes with that of Luffy’s. I mean they share the same enemy – the marines – but will they want to fight the same fight and whatnot. Ah, question. Questions. Questions.

            Also, the new nakama issue. I hope to see a fishmen/mermaid joining the StrawHat pirates. That will be really cool. Jinbei and Crocodile can establish they own new crew and be StrawHat’s allies. Yay!

            Oh yeah, I’m singing together with you. (WE ARE..)

            P.S I miss going-merry too. T.T

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