Kimi Ni Todoke Episode 1: Valentine

In our real world, Valentine’s Day will arrive in approximately a month’s time. In my part of the world, there are no giri-choko or tomo-choko. It’s a strictly couple occasion. I have yet to see anyone making any homemade chocolates or giving chocolates for that matter! I see more roses and litte cute bears than chocolates.

In Kimi ni Todoke, however, chocolates are the most common, maybe the only item, exchanged during this lovey-dovey occasion. Girls also took this opportunity to express their feelings to their crushes or just enjoying the occasion like everybody else.

Warnings – there may be spoilers ahead.

Episode 1: Valentine sees how Sawako struggled to give Kazehaya her homemade chocolates. This mission is only hers and hers alone. She didn’t engage the help of her good friends, Ayane and Chizu – much to my surprise. In the end, she couldn’t bring herself to give Kazehaya her homemade chocolates.

As I was watching this episode, I thought Sawako over-thinks little matters. She was debating with herself her motives behind her desire, which is to give Kazehaya the chocolates. If she could just convince herself those are only giri-choko since she’s also giving out to her friends, she would’ve accomplish her goal. But wait – that wouldn’t be the Sawako I know. Her actions in this episode clearly showed that she’s a responsible person and is constantly aware of the consequences of her actions. Also, she’s being honest with herself and with those around her. She couldn’t lie to herself and pretend that those chocolates are only to thank Kazehaya.  It’s quite an admirable trait, really.

Kazehaya, on the other hand, though little about him was made known in this episode but I can see that he’s also a responsible person. Just like Sawako. He wouldn’t accept chocolates unless it’s giri-choko. I think Kazehaya is a likeable character mainly cuz though popular, he’s humble, friendly and helpful. Unlike some jerk in the form of Pin who boast about everything and anything – oops. Kazehaya could have just accept all the chocolates given to him and toss it aside but he didn’t.

I wanted to write something about Kurumi but couldn’t really put my thoughts about her into words. I think that she’s brilliant for being so brave after Kazehaya rejected her and after shading her mask. As an antagonist, I would expect her to be mean and cruel to Sawako. Yes, she teased Sawako a bit here but I actually thought her words are facts. So there’s nothing to hate here. She was merely telling Sawako how Kazehaya is like and pointed out Sawako’s real feelings. If allow, I would say that her words could be translated as positive challenge in Sawako’s growth. In short, I never think of Kurumi as a bad person but someone important to Sawako.

Throughout the episode, I was admiring the “twinkle, twinkle” thing – I don’t what I’m suppose to call those. It’s exactly those twinkling on the image above. I thought these whole twinkling made the scenes pretty. Haha.

Overall, this episode is rather slow-paced, which is unusual cuz I usually feel that the 20 minutes isn’t enough. Nevertheless, it provided some sort of a milestone in Sawako’s mission to have more friends. Apart from that, it hinted that there will be an additional character for this new season. His name or who is he isn’t revealed yet but I can assure you he plays a major here in Sawako and Kazehaya’s future development!


2 thoughts on “Kimi Ni Todoke Episode 1: Valentine

  1. It’s really hard to hate on Kurumi at all. Even though she teases Sawako, I just can’t help liking her.

    Anyway, looks like Kazehaya will have his own rival now.

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