How Will Naruto Unfold?

This is really unexpected. I was checking out Naruto X UT OVA and suddenly it just hit me – how would Naruto unfold? What will the ending be like? I hope I am alive when that happens.

I’ve been following Naruto manga recently, and things are getting really exciting. For me, at least it is. Now that Pain has finally been defeated by Naruto in Naruto Shippuuden, I really wanted the anime to quickly continue the story. Usually I’ll have little discussions with friends about how the next few chapters may turn out to be like, but we never really discussed about how would Naruto end. Perhaps we thought it would be pointless for us to guess. Masashi Kishimoto had pull out a few surprises before.

The little animation presented by UNIQLO was very interesting. I don’t know how they come up with the idea but I really like it. It was a fun ride. For most fans, another Naruto versus Sasuke fight is inevitable. I believe I’ve mentioned this before – to me, the whole point of Naruto is very a Naruto versus Sasuke thing. So this short OVA totally echo my perspective. To think they will fight again, with different audience this time (of course the secret audience has to be different!), and probably on the same venue is just so appropriate. Naruto and Sasuke both came a long way. Both aspired to be stronger albeit for different reasons. They share similar pain of loneliness but not entirely the same. They should be best friends! However, fate has it otherwise.

I like how the OVA made Sasuke and Naruto fight before Uchiha Madara a.k.a Tobi is dead/defeated. I’ve always wanted both Sasuke and Naruto to fight Madara together. Like it or not, I root for Sasuke to become who he was before he left Konoha. I don’t wish for him to be all friendly and loving. The Sasuke before leaving Konoha is good enough. A sudden thought popped into my head during the last few minutes of the OVA. Will Sasuke be permanently blind in the future? Manga readers now await Sasuke possible new power since he underwent the eye transplant to have Itachi’s. I don’t think he will be blind but who knows. If he does, then what will happen?

Well, this is just my two cents. Nonetheless, there are really tons of questions burning in me regarding one of the best selling shōnen anime/manga. If I am to take the OVA seriously, I have another question. It is a weird question. Just what is the meaning of the sound of a baby crying at the end of it???

10 thoughts on “How Will Naruto Unfold?

  1. I really liked naruto and have been keeping up with it since I was in high school and that is quite a while!

    It’s starting to get a bit dull after the pain arc but that’s just my opinion^^” I reckon it will end up with Naruto + sasuke fighting madara and Naruto probably having his own country/headband

    • Naruto has been around for around ten years. That’s really an achievement, if I may say so.

      I also reckon that it’ll end up with a Naruto and Sasuke versus Madara fight. However, I never thought about Naruto having his own country/headband since I want him to become the next Hokage. So your idea is something different. 🙂

  2. I’ve been following the manga as well, and it looks like we’re at the beginning of the end. I’m expecting a Sasuke Naruto showdown as well. After all, the conflict between these two friends have been the longest running arc threading the entire ten years worth of manga together. I have no idea what’d happen with Madara though.

    • Yes, it looks like we Naruto followers will be able to see Naruto ending soon.

      Although I too has the faintest idea of what’s going to happen with Madara, but deep down I hope it wouldn’t be good. >.<

  3. I for one does not think Naruto is going to end soon because he has not mastered the 9 tails chakra, wind nature element, teleportation technique and he still has way too much guts in him to bring peace. I think after he has mastered all of the above mentioned, then he will be able to take on the resurrected Orochimaru and that will be the final battle!

    • A resurrected Orochimaru! I never thought of that. With the technique Kabuto used to build the zombie armies, it’s possible that Orochimaru may reappear later in the series. Will that be after or before Madara is defeated? He’s the major villain now. Or maybe it’s a fight between Sasuke, Naruto, Madara and Orochimaru. Ahh..all the possibilities. What we can do now is only to wait and see how the manga proceed.

      From the latest few chapters, I think the story of Naruto still has a long way to go. With constant flashbacks and slow development in the war, who knows when Naruto will end. Thank goodness, Masashi Kishimoto managed to keep things interesting till this day. =)

  4. hi, i have been thinking of the end of naruto for a while now, and my conclusion is, the end will be decided when the reader chooses too stop reading. for instance, im a bleach fan too, and it ended for me after the aizen arc. i chose to stop reading because the aizen arc was the best ending, and it will be the same for me after madara is dead in naruto. as soon as this arc is over, i wont read any more, even if the story does continue. as for the end of the arc, i would say sasuke and naruto fight, itachi talks to sasuke from the dead (same way the 4th talked to naruto) and convince him to be good again. sasuke seeing clearly now, joins naruto, and at this moment kabuchimaru (kabuto and orochimaru) joins the fight, orochimaru in control, he attack sasuke in an attemt to steal the sharingan, and sasuke battles him as naruto fights madara… i really dont want to go on about my opinion of what will happen due to sasuke fans hatting on me but……wth. SASUKE DIES!!!! orochimaru and sasuke kill each other off. (sasuke is a criminal in everyones eyes now so there is no going back.) naruto see’s his death, and it gives him the strength to finish off madara. madara dies, naruto approaches sasuke, they talk for a minute, sasuke acknowledges naruto as a strong ninja, he dies, everyone from naruto’s class shows up, yatta, yatta, yatta, then it will probably pull a harry potter and do a 10 years later shot, showing hokage naruto, wife sakura and their son, sasuke, they all get ready to meet everyone from their class for a get together, they cheer, and bam its the end.

    • I like your version of ending, Richard. I’m all for it. I don’t mind Sasuke dies at all, as long as he lifts the burden off Naruto’s shoulder so that he can move on and become the next Hokage. But I prefer Hinata as Mrs. Hokage >.<

      Hmmm….now that Itachi is roaming around as a member of the zombie army, there's a possibility he can talk some sense into Sasuke, who is blinded by hatred. I don't think this is the kind of ending Itachi wants to see anyways. He didn't make sacrifices just so Sasuke could go on living in darkness and be used by Madara.

      Ya think Naruto is going to name his son Sasuke huh? Come to think of it, I agree. Maybe a Sasuke-Jiraiya or something.

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