Kimi Ni Todoke Episode 2: Sophomore

2年生– I assume the direct translation to English is “second year student”. Second year students in Japan are supposedly 16 years olds, if I’m not mistaken. Here in my country, second years students – similar in name, but most likely referring to different things – are 14 years olds. Our compulsory education includes six years of primary school (elementary?) and five years of secondary school (high school).

In this week’s episode, Sawako, Kazehaya, Chizu, Ayane and Ryu are all second year students already. I’m not familiar with how the education system works in Japan, but for me I’m already used to the whole if-it’s-new-year-it’s-new-school-year kind of thing. It looks like this isn’t the case for Japan and some other countries.

Warnings – there may be spoilers ahead.

I’m happy to see the three girl friends are in the same class again. Kazehaya and Ryu too. I wished for Kurumi to be in the same class with them too, but that’s not to happen. I’m sure Shiina Karuho has a reason for putting her at a different class. It’s also worth mentioning that the mysterious guy we saw last week is in the same class as the rest of the cast, seated right next to Sawako. I’m not surprised at all. >.<

Oh, now he has a name too – Miura Kento. A mysterious guy no more.

Kento is such a playful character. He looks devilish, I’m sensing that he’s about to make life a little difficult for others.

I believe Kento’s addition to the cast is a great move. He adds flavor to the existing cast. I’m hoping he doesn’t fall in love with Sawako too. What I hope is for him to be a potential love interest of Ayane. Since Ayane broke up with her boyfriend last season, I always thought Pin could be a potential boyfriend candidate for her. But he said that he wouldn’t date younger girls or students or something along that line when he rejected Kurumi no? So if he’s a man who’s true to his words, which I don’t really think so, then that’s not going to happen. Anyways, I could guess all I want but at the end of the day, Shiina Karuho will be the one decide the ending.

Moving on to analyze our two main characters – it’s really sad to see Kazehaya and Sawako grew apart. They used to talk every school day. Kazehaya must’ve felt sad and confused why he didn’t receive chocolates from Sawako on Valentine’s Day. I bet it isn’t easy for him especially after seeing Pin also received homemade chocolates from Sawako. The sad look he wore on his face is heartfelt. The tension is evident.

A lot has happened since their first year. Sawako’s gradually making her presence felt – in a positive way. Because of this, Kazehaya hardly has time alone with her. Gawd, he should have used Maru as an excuse to ask her out! Gee, didn’t they practically own the dog together? Why didn’t he?

The entire episode was amazing. I can feel Sawako’s anxiousness around Kazehaya. I really want her to acknowledge her own feelings right now. Currently, it’s like she knows her feelings for Kazehaya is no longer platonic but at the same time, it’s as if she cannot pinpoint what exactly is the feeling she’s having right now. This is so frustrating to see. I’m sooo with Ayane on this one. Her frustrations on screen really illustrated what I’m feeling right now. I’m glad that audience’s frustrations on Sawako and Kazehaya’s tension is being told in Ayane’s point of view. This is nicely done. It allows audiences to relate to the show.

I’ve got one word to sum up this episode – nice!


2 thoughts on “Kimi Ni Todoke Episode 2: Sophomore

  1. I loved the introduction of Kento too. He’s such a fun character. And Kazehaya isn’t really doing much in making the guys of KimiTodo interesting. Hopefully, Kento will help advance the pace.

    • Absolutely. And I’d like to see how Kento will interact with the other characters. Will he be a friend or a foe?

      Can’t wait till I watch the next episode. =)

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