Nendoroid Puchi K-ON!

My Nendoroid Puchi has arrived on Wednesday after a few weeks since its released in Japan. I ordered it from a Malaysian-based figurine seller. The price was reasonable and I don’t have to worry about having to deal with the customs. Customs and currency exchange rates are the reasons I’m not very keen on buying figurines from well-known international sites.

By the way, I bought these from Otaku House. He’s (I think it’s a he?) a very efficient, friendly and trustworthy seller. I recommend him to anyone who wants to buy anime figurines in Malaysia and who are like me – doesn’t want to deal with customs and whatnot. He’s also available at Lowyat Forum under the nickname porkchop. Just so you know, I recommend this seller willingly – without any special treatment or whatnot from the seller.

This set of Nendoroid Puchi have 12 little K-ON! girls. Five in swimsuit and five in uniform. An extra Azusa in swimsuit but very tanned. And the secret item! This is my first time opening up a box containing that much figurines. It is the first box worth considering anyways. I would’ve bought Lucky Star Set 01 which was released a gazillion years ago and sold out at most places – but back then I wasn’t a collector yet. Gawd, I didn’t even know Lucky Star existed!

I think I wrote too much crap already. Shall I shower you with 12 lovely (ahem!) photos of the girls right now?

All the boxes have this piece of instruction manual. It guides collectors to assemble the instruments. I’m very impressed with the packaging. Very neat.

I hate that I have to personally stick some stickers on the keyboard. The keyboard is already so tiny. I barely made it!

A tanned Azusa is the 11th figure here since there are already have 5 girls for the band and the beach. So there’s an extra Azusa in that sense.

This is the secret item! Honestly, I’m a bit disappointed with the secret item. I was hoping it to be a real surprise – as in not a Mio, Yui or Azusa extra. Popularity really counts no?

This is it. Hope you like it. =)

P.S It took me 40 minutes to assemble the whole thing T.T


12 thoughts on “Nendoroid Puchi K-ON!

  1. Lovely loot you got there! seems everybody is being slammed with custom costs^^” I on the other hand don’t get them but I always complain about the shipping costs!

    yeh, I found the stickers annoying too! I found mugi the most annoying-est one to assemble!

  2. These are sooo adorable~! They’re so cute! *squee* :3

    I’m sorry, I have Mio bias so I would’ve been ecstatic with the secret item. Haha. These are perfect for scattering all over your work table. Just like how my K-On shimeji’s scattered all over my desktop. Teehee~

    • A lot of people are thrilled with the secret items anyways except me I think. Haha. I have them in a display box next to my table so I can peek at them from time to time. >.<

  3. “Cries” so much cuteness…so much desire to own these…it makes me so sad that I can’t right now. Hmm, I was hoping for a Sawa-chan Nendoroid as the bonus item, or at least one of Ui or #2 (Jun-chan). They’re awesome as well. It doesn’t always have to be about the main 5.

      • I like Moe-Moe Kyun as much as any fan but the other girls are just as adorable and fun to watch as the main 5. People need to realize that. Heck, there are even two one-shot characters, I can’t remember their names, who are just as adorable and awesome. Heck, the doujins of them either being paired with Yui or with each other are so enjoyable to read.

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