Bringing Up The Baby in The Sims 3

Alright. My characters are adults now. They were previously young adult, by the way. Since they’re a little bit older, a little bit wiser right now, they are ready to start a family no? I wanted my girl to achieve her lifetime wish before raising a kid so she had more time taking care of her child hands-on. That, however, proved to be impossible since the skills are hard to upgrade after level 4 or so. There’s a nanny service in The Sims 3 but that wouldn’t be fun now, would it?

So here it is, screen shots of how the fictional McGuire family brought their little baby girl to become a healthy kid.

First, get pregnant! Haha. Here, players will get to see the baby bump growing. Realistic. Much better than having it drop down out of nowhere.

The mom-to-be gets sick too.

The mother feels pain too. Taxi will automatically arrive to send both parents to the hospital.

The baby is delivered at the hospital. Maybe cuz the stokes migrated?

Little babies need maintenance too. Here, she needed a change of diaper. It’s just so amazing that we could throw the kids up in the air to change their diapers.

Little baby girl was hungry so milk it is. Well, only milk is available as baby food – I think.

Playing with the baby is fun for everyone. Babies are easy to satisfy. Play with them a little, their social need will be fulfilled.

She gets tired and sleeps. Look how tiny she is.

Now, she is no longer a baby but a toddler, potty train the little creature would prevent her from bugging the adult McGuires too much when the nature calls.

Teaching the little baby how to talk and…

how to walk.

Maybe should teach her table manners too.

Alrighty. My kid grew up well. See, she likes to read books =)

For those who are not familiar with this game, here’s a tiny little information. You can’t control babies. In other words, you can’t make them do things and they don’t have wishes to fufill. They, however, have basic needs that needed to be taken care of. As for toddlers, yes, you can control them.

That’s it for this installment of The Sims 3. I wonder what post would I be making next? I’ve spent little time with games these past weeks. I was busy with other stuff. I’m thinking of trying The Sims 3: Late Night and World Adventures, both are expansion packs. I have them with me right now, but whether I’ll go about and play it or not depends on my schedule and the mood. Ha! That’s right, I play games according to mood.

‘Till next time!


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