Kimi Ni Todoke Episode 3: Forget

There are things that we want to forget. There are things we want others to forget. There are memories we don’t wish to have. There are memories we wish to wipe of its existence.

Once words are spoken, they aren’t retrievable. The only thing we can hope for is for the recipient to forget. In this episode, Kazehaya wish to take back what he said.

Warnings – there may be spoilers ahead.

I know I was laughing a lot when I was watching this episode. It can’t be helped. It was funny, really funny. The laughing scenes mostly come from seeing Sawako trying her best to smile normally. Of course, Ayane and Chizu’s reaction to whatever Kento’s doing also contributed much to me laughing. Fun!

As expected, Kento is creating some troubles between Kazehaya and Sawako. Kazehaya is very jealous of him. Kento is sitting beside Sawako. Kento is the only guy Sawako’s talking normally to right now. So it’s natural for him to feel threatened. I’m getting this feeling that Kento is falling for Sawako. This will complicate the situation further. We have to wait for an episode or two to know what will happen.

Kento is officially my favorite KimiTodo guy right now. He has such a carefree spirit. Everything works so naturally around him. In some ways, he is similar to Kazehaya. However, Kento is crazier which makes his scenes fun to watch. Also, he’s such an observant guy. Then again if Ryu can tell that Sawako likes Kazehaya too, that means Kazehaya is the one who’s thick in the head. The one thing I don’t like about Kento is his voice. Very irritating. BUT it sort of fits his personality? I don’t know. It’s a love and hate thing. Haha.

If the last two episodes speak of Sawako’s current dilemma, this one speaks of Kazehaya’s. I like the fact Kazehaya talked about his concerns with Ryu. It wasn’t a direct confession but it’s somewhere along that line. This is also when we get a different understanding of who Kazehaya really is. On the surface, he’s friendly, kind, lively and even charming. Deep down, he’s insecure and impatient. Even so, Kazehaya is a good guy. =)

It really bugs me to see Sawako and Kazehaya drifting apart. It’s just so sad. I know she doesn’t want to lose Kazehaya as a friend, which is why she can’t act normally in front of him. She can’t tell him her feelings, or else she’ll risk losing him forever. And because she’s acting very strangely around him and always avoiding eye contact, it made Kazehaya feel even less confident with himself. He is still sulking about not getting a giri-choko. If only he knew. Sigh. Or if only she knows Kazehaya feels the same way about her. Watching this whole thing in a third person perspective just makes me want to scream at their faces. I think it’s very obvious that these two are head over heels in love with each other.

Oh well, it’s a matter of time. Be patient. Things will work out sooner or later. They will! (Cross fingers)


2 thoughts on “Kimi Ni Todoke Episode 3: Forget

  1. I said this before.. I think.. somewhere.. I can’t remember where but I would take super glue and glue Sawako and Kazehaya together so that the two of them would be together forever. x]

    I love how this episode showed a bit of the real Kazehaya and shattering some of those misconceptions that we may have had of him being forever perfect and radiating kindness when he’s really not all that perfect.

    I like Kent and his over presence affecting Sawako and Kazehaya’s relationship. He’ll definitely get things going for them in the right direction, hopefully.

    • Haha. Yeah, I’d like that too – using super glue to glue them together. That could really work. Why did I never thought of it? It’s such a great idea. =)

      Yes, I like Kento too. He’ll definitely spice things from here on.

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