Figurine Criteria

Looking on my desk and a shelf right now, I realize my figurine collection has expanded rapidly over just one year. It all started when I gave in and purchased my first Nendoroid last January.

If I’m to compare myself with other veteran and serious figurine collectors, my loot last year is very little. Still, I think I spent a little too much on my newfound hobby. I’ve done some rough mental calculations last night and decidedly I’ve spent approximately 1.2k on figurines alone last year. I’m lucky that some of the figurines I own are from friends and family. Otherwise, the amount would be more.

For some, 1.2k is nothing. For me, it isn’t. Starting this year, I’ll try my best to be more selective at my purchases. It’s not that I’m not willing to spend on my hobbies. I just want to learn how to spend it wisely. With that in my mind, I’ve listed down several self-made criteria in this post.

  1. Character. I usually buy my favorite characters only but sometimes I also get other characters simply cuz it’s there. In effort to control my spending, I’ll only pick up my favorite characters only.
  2. Manufacturer. If you’re a collector, you might have noticed that some manufacturers produce better quality figurines while some are just meh. So far I’m liking what I see in Good Smile Company and Alter. Figurines from other manufacturers that I have it’s just either lack in detail or poor in quality overall.
  3. Pose/Design. Some poses/designs are pretty than the other figurines of the same character. I’ll get the one which is more appealing to me.
  4. Paint Job. This only applies to in-stock figurines since I couldn’t possibly judge the pre-order ones. Sometimes some of paint jobs are sooo bad that it destroys the overall appeal of a figurine upclose. I think the famous exclusive Aisaka Taiga in China dress is one of them. I saw some of its pictures upclose online – the paint job is actually really bad, in my opinion and it’s not a bootleg.
  5. Less Pre-Orders? The reason why I pre-order some of figurines is cuz I was afraid I won’t be able to get them once they’re released. It’s not surprising to see a “Pre-order Sold Out” these days. However, it usually takes months before the pre-orders finally arrives at your doorstep. By then, I might already lose my interest in the said anime/character. I’m that kinda person. Unless I’m really sure I really like the anime and the character and the overall appeal of the figurine, I shouldn’t be bothered with pre-orders.

So this is the guideline I made for myself. I hope it works. It’s just one of the ways I know how to curb my spending. You should know that I don’t only spend my money on figurines – which is consider an expensive hobby in my currency – I also like to randomly buy gadgets and travels, which is also expensive in my currency. Ha!

I’ll appreciate it a ton if you would share with me how you select your figurines =).


7 thoughts on “Figurine Criteria

    • Thanks. I guess it’s kudos to whoever that designed this theme. =)

      Yeah, if I really want that figurine badly, I’ll definitely pre-order them. I don’t wanna cry at a corner later when it’s out of stock. Haha.

  1. haha that’s quite a lot you have spent a year! I think I roughly spent around the same as well

    The qualities you listed to lower the amount of figures is like my criteria! But I’ve always done it from the start. I really only collect figures from series I like or have seen.
    I don’t really mind going for the other manufacturers since some of the not so well known ones, do produce good figures once in a while! But if I really like a character and there’s no other figure out there, I’d definitely get it, despite it being bad.

    Wow, I’ve rambled on too long!

    • Nah, you didn’t ramble too long. In fact, I appreciate you sharing your thoughts here.

      Gosh, I wonder if I’ll spend less even if I have this list of criteria since there are already a few figurines I have my eyes that are coming out this year. And they all fit the criteria. Haha.

  2. I like your criteria. So it’s finally come to that now, eh?
    I was there in the same situation several years ago, and I’ve yet to curb my purchasing with much effect. ^^

    I began adopting strict criteria as well, but then quality of figures increased, and more figures met my criteria! lol!

    For me, character isn’t as important a criteria as pose/design.

    Check out my post on zombie consumerism if you haven’t yet. ^^

    • Thanks. Yes, it has finally come to that. Haha.

      Thanks for sharing your link. I’ve just read it and you did a great job in summarizing what’s really going on not only in figurine industry but it also applies to other industries. I believe that was a well-researched piece. Loads of thoughts have been put to it. Good work! (Though it’s a bit shocking to know that manufacturers do R&D to make their products fragile. Haha. To put myself in business perspective, yeah it’s true)

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