Kimi Ni Todoke Episode 4: Do Not Understand

At the time of writing, I’m still not sure what’s the English title for this episode. The subtitle given to the episode title was “Misunderstood”, but Google Translate said it was “Do Not Understand”. When Kazehaya mentioned the word repeatedly, it didn’t seem to suggest anything related to misunderstanding. But then again, the overall episode was loaded with misunderstandings. Since I’ve been using the direct translation of the Japanese title, I decided to go with “Do Not Understand”.

Warnings – there may be spoilers ahead.

As mentioned earlier, this episode is loaded with misunderstandings. It’s due to the inability of Sawako to express her feelings accurately and the insecurity of Kazehaya. The episode opened with continuation of what Kazehaya told Sawako last episode. Sawako being Sawako, is still analyzing what Kazehaya meant with his words. I really laughed out loud at Sawako’s reaction when she saw him. Her whole body went frigid.

Ayane certainly expressed my feelings really well. Her frustrations with what’s happening between her best friend and Kazehaya mirrored mine. I wish I was the one shouting out at Sawako. Heck, I wish I was the one kicking Kazehaya. At the same time, Kazeyhaya isn’t entirely to be blamed. Things happened. The timing was bad. He is getting impatient after all. Ayane is the most mature among her friends. I admire the way she thinks. Like Sawako, she analyzes too. The only difference is that Ayane analyzes things correctly. She’s always dead on. She’s also observant and has the cunning ability to detect the slightest changes in people – even the ones not seen with naked eyes such as emotions. If Ayane wasn’t part of the trio or if she isn’t who she is, then things between Kazehaya and Sawako might’ve gotten worse. I hope she grows up to be profiler or something. Haha.

On the other hand, we have Chizu. Did I ever mention she is actually my favorite character. She’s so much fun, so energetic, so simple. She provided a lot comic relief for this episode. The atmosphere was generally heavy but with Chizu around it was lighten up a bit. I really like her parts here. Sooo..she finally realizes that the girl Kazehaya likes is actually Sawako. That’s like almost a year later than Ayane! When they’ve been spending time almost everyday together! Haha.

I like Kento, but I wish for him to be minding his own business. A lot of the words he chose to use are sooo misleading. It creates even more insecurity in Kazehaya, more doubt. While Kento knows of Sawako’s crush on Kazeyhaya, he doesn’t know that it’s not one-sided. He doesn’t know that Kazehaya also feels the same way about Sawako. Sigh. Did he do all these to protect Sawako or he was just messing around? This…we have to find it out ourselves later as the series progresses.

In short, the relationship between Kazehaya and Sawako is turning worser and worser each episode. I really hope things will turn for the better soon. That screenshot I took above – it painted the exact situation that Kazehaya and Sawako are in right now. The two of them had grown apart. =(


2 thoughts on “Kimi Ni Todoke Episode 4: Do Not Understand

  1. Just saw the episode. Chizu’s simple, hot-headed, and straigh-forward sincere personality won me over this episode. She is so cute and funny when she tried to rush to tell Kazehaya about Sawako’s feelings.

    Anyway, I guess the relationship can’t be all that smooth. I actually like that. Kazehaya and Sawako do need to have bumps to fill out a whole season.

    • I love that Chizu’s simple. It’s so much easier for me to understand her than anyone else in KimiTodo.

      Yeaps, I agree here. It’ll be more interesting to see a couple/couple-to-be facing challenges in their relationship instead of having real sweet romance with no problems at all. But if the story just keep on dragging about the misery both Sawako and Kazehaya are feeling right now also doesn’t do the story well. There must be balance I suppose.

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