Weird Case of Niizuma Eiji

Before I continue writing this post, let me ask you a question. Do you have a character you hate a lot at first but as the series progresses, he/she is actually not as bad as you think he/she is? Well, I have one. It’s Niizuma Eiji.

When I first saw Niizuma Eiji of Bakuman, I really disliked him. The vibe he’d given me was that he’s an arrogant, ignorant guy. Sure, he’s a genius. A difficult genius. Even when the chief editor personally invited him to Tokyo, he acted like it’s no big deal. It’s like he should be personally invited by the chief editor, and will probably accept nothing less. After all, he acted all mighty and said his famous quotes – “If I become the most popular author in Jump, please give me the right to end one manga I hate”. Huh. Being confident is good, but being too confident is not.

I was judging him really hard based on his limited appearance in Bakuman. It’s like I’ve already decided to hate him before giving him a chance to show his true self. I really, really disliked him.

But he was nothing I thought he was. Yes, he is arrogant but not annoyingly arrogant. He takes pride for his work. He is surprisingly a very nice guy. He’s respectful, friendly and frankly quite innocent. It could due to his lack of social exposure that he has a mind of a child. He also listens to advices with an open mind from fellow rivals and improves himself throughout the process. That’s how I see him right now.

If I was feeling unhappy every time Niizuma Eiji pops up on screen, now I found myself laughing at his weird behavior. He does bring tons of comic relief to Bakuman, though it may not be very important since Takigi is already quite the funny man.

Sooo I’ve finally caught up with Bakuman over the long holidays and now will be following the series on weekly basis. Hopefully. It was my initial plan but I ended up with tons of stuff to do that Bakuman had taken the back seat. I stopped at episode 5, but with intentions of continuing. However, with more than 10 episodes accumulated I thought I’m better of watching Gosick and Kimi ni Todoke 2 first so that I could marathon it later. But then again, I have this unexpected long holiday so why not marathon the episodes now. I’m glad I did. It was great.


4 thoughts on “Weird Case of Niizuma Eiji

  1. When Eiji first appears and is doing nothing but talking in annoying sound effects and acting like a complete and utter @#$% I would cringe every time he was on the screen.I know Narutaki and I shared your same sentiment.

    But after he has his first actual normal (normalish) conversation with Mashiro and Takagi he became an actual human being and less of an annoying factory. I can’t say I am totally sold on him like Narutaki is now but it was quite a dramatic turn around in my opinion of his character. It went from me utterly hatinh him to me actually enjoying him being on the screen. That is an amazing accomplishment in itself. I have not had that big an opinion change since Ami from Toradora.

    – Hisui

  2. I dislike nizuma because hes loud and wtf is with his hairstyle, mind you in the series he seems quite alright since hes himself a fan of Mashiro or whatever the name is of the two of them XD

    Mhmm someone i dislike, man i know there is a lot but i cant think of one atm >.<

    • Yeah, he has a weird hairstyle and an annoying voice but I’m glad he turns out to be quite a funny character in the end. Otherwise, it’ll be very annoying to watch Bakuman if he keeps popping up every now and then.

      Haha. You must have quite a long list there yourself =)

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