Kimi ni Todoke Episode 5: The Person I like

Valentine’s Day is coming. Will you be spending this special day with that special someone? Will you be taking this opportunity to ask your crush out on a date? Do you have a person you like?

Either way, allow me to wish you Happy Valentine’s Day in advance.

Warnings – there may be spoilers ahead.

This episode epicness lies within the one and only Chizu! She looked soooo different with makeup on. I didn’t expect she’ll be designed so differently. If I didn’t see the scenes before I might actually ask myself who this new character is. I initially wanted to use her screenshot as the representative scene for this week’s Kimi ni Todoke 2 but decidedly Sawako shrinking scene looks cuter. Okay. Wait. Forget about Sawako for a moment here. Let’s focus on Chizu. I believe she found the closure that she needed after attending Tooru’s wedding. Nothing feels better than finally accepting the reality and moving on.

Occasionally Kimi ni Todoke likes to tease audience. I liked how the scene in which Chizu was begging Ryu to clear the misunderstanding Kazehaya is having right now. The fact that the scene started with Ryu and Chizu’s leg before slowly moving up. It was teasing Ryu X Chizu fans out there. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought Chizu was confessing to Ryu or something. Then, things turn comedic from then on. Such teasing. Haha. But the effect was good. I bet most fans burst out laughing.

Okay back to this whole Kazehaya and Sawako mess right here. I like Kento. I really do. But right here, right now, he’s absolutely strangle-worthy. He said things that he shouldn’t have said. He’s making the misunderstanding even more worse. He didn’t understand the whole situation. I think at this moment, only Ayane’s the one who fully understood the longing feelings between Sawako and Kazehaya. And once again, audience’s frustration was reflected through Ayane.

If I wasn’t sure whether Kento likes Sawako romantically before, now I’m pretty sure he does. I believe I saw that look in his face in this quick and short moment when he was trying to stop Sawako from crying.

This week’s episode sure passed by quickly. Before I knew it, that’s the end of episode 5. If episode 00 is included in the count of the 13 episodes announced for this season, there’ll be only 7 more left. Will Kazehaya and Sawako finally be together? Can they overcome themselves and finally be a couple?

I think so. Cuz I believe Kazehaya is about to make his move! Gasp.


6 thoughts on “Kimi ni Todoke Episode 5: The Person I like

  1. I think that Kent may have a budding romantic feelings for Sawako and probably doesn’t realize it.
    This episode did a good job leading up to the critical turning point of where Kazehaya is forced to make a decision: to forget everything and focus on making Sawako his or just let her be.
    I can’t wait for the next episode, things are finally progressing.

    •’re right. Kento might not realize his own feelings for Sawako yet. I think what he’s trying to do now is only to help Sawako avoiding pain should Kazehaya rejects her.

      Yeah, I know what you mean. Kazehaya is finally making his move! So same here – can’t wait for the next episode. >.<

      • I think I’m okay if Sawako ends up with Kent… but I’ll probably be a bit disappointed.<— That's a just a 'if it happens' kind of thing because it probably won't happen, I think…

        It would be nice to see him get pissed and kick Kent or something… He's got to let out some of that frustration.

        • LOL – yeah, it’ll probably not happen. Honestly, I don’t think I’ll be okay if Sawako ends up with Kento. I guess that’s cuz I have set my mind to see Kazehaya and Sawako together from the very beginning. >.<

  2. Agreed about Chizu. I’ve really taken a liking to her since last episode, and the make up scene just made her even more adorable.

    I liked Kento more than Kazehaya for having a fun, bright, laid back personality before. But he really hurt Sawako in this episode. Not only that, it seems like he wanted to exploit her situation for himself.

    But I don’t really hate him. All is fair in love and war. At least Kento is making a move unlike Kazehaya.

    • Chizu in this episode is great! It’s good to occasionally see other characters take up more screen time.

      Hmm…same here. I definitely like Kento more than I like Kazehaya. He looks like a person that could easily lighten up my day. Though I must say – my favorite guy in Kimi ni Todoke is Ryu. Haha.

      Kento is one those characters that’s hard to hate. Despite all that he did in this episode, I still like him more than Kazehaya >.<

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