Online Gaming Etiquette

Have you ever participate in an online game? If yes, then have you have any unpleasant encounters with your virtual teammates or anyone in the game?

I have fond and bad memories with various online games. In DOTA, since I played with friends and friends of friends, there were team spirit and an atmosphere of respect. In MapleStory, I had bad memories with people calling me noob when I was already at high level, fully armored with best equipments there are for a magician (okay, not all equipments).

My friend, who’s an avid Left4Dead and Conquer Online fan, had played multiple online campaigns and experienced different form of verbal assaults from fellow team members. He shared with me his many unpleasant encounters. He was called names, left to die, kicked out for no apparent reason. I have reasons to believe that he’s been contributive and yet such harsh actions were directed to him.

Now I wonder, it’s just a game so why get all worked up? So what if you die in a game? You can always press the Start button again no? I understand sometimes it takes a huge amount of effort to reach a certain difficult point in a game but still there’s no need to lash out frustrations on others.

I’m listing down several of my friend’s not-so-pleasant experience in online gaming see if you’ve encountered the same.

  1. Calling teammates names. Some players would start getting personal and call others offensive names that may be a little racist. This either sparks an even more abusive name-calling session or turning away new players.
  2. Playing the blaming game. If the team lose, some players will start pointing fingers at each other. If it’s a team game, shouldn’t all be take the same amount of responsibility if the team loses?
  3. Teammates belittling each other. Some players are experienced in the game, but there’s no reason to kill the fun by looking down on new players. The worst case would be new players acting all high and mighty to experienced players. I always believe in sharing experience and knowledge with others. Why make fun of others when I can help them to be better players?
  4. No teamwork. There are games which require teamwork. If players sign on knowing exactly that just why on earth aren’t they participating as a team. Teamwork means tolerance, work as one. It’s not about trying to be the boss of all. Actually, this point probably sums up above three. Must be really a terrible experience.
  5. High level players starting killing sprees. I’ve seen this myself. Characters with superior strength or ability robbing off whatever they can from whoever they can. This sort of attitude really turns me off on online games. It gives no chances for new players to hone their skills.

In my opinion, games are made for fun. Online games are made to provide a little more excitement for gamers. If I may say so, its very purpose could be for fellow gamers to share their passion with each other, for gamers to meet new gamers. With negative attitudes from other players, it could really drag down the whole gaming experience.

You can say my ideal online gaming experience is far from achievable. Or that my thoughts are sugar-coated – it’s not possible in real life. I only sincerely wish for a proper online gaming etiquette for a better gaming experience.


12 thoughts on “Online Gaming Etiquette

  1. I used to play and overall, it was a nice experience but sometimes, it got ugly…

    There were a lot of killing sprees done by the top dude… He was ruthless and didn’t care who you were; unless you were in an alliance with him would he not kill you… or at least tried not to. This is bringing back so many memories…

    • Gamers like him is one of the reason why I stopped playing a lot of online games. It just made the whole gaming experience ugly and not fun. It’s a shame really cuz I actually enjoy some of the games.

  2. I stopped online gaming many many moons ago. got sick of paying the per month usage whatever ^^
    i think the last game i tried was Aion. btw the blaming game will always i mean ALWAYS happen no matter what lol XD

    • Hmm..I usually go for free online games. I don’t think it’ll worth my money to be paying the monthly fees cuz I know I won’t be spending too much time on games.

      Sigh. It sucks to know that blaming games will always happen but I know you’re right -it always does >.<

  3. I haven’t spent a significant amount of time playing online games since high school. The last game I played daily was Subspace/Continuum. I was one of the few top players in a specific arena so we all knew each other. Whenever someone came in and started picking on the other players, we’d just call a truce and hunt him until he left.

  4. hahaha you forgot “Players that started to cheat cause they can’t beat you or other stronger players”

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