Kimi ni Todoke Episode 6: Affection and Annoyance

Do you know sometimes words that we speak meant differently for different people? One sentence can be interpreted in various ways. Good and bad. It’s extremely upsetting to know that our good words are being interpreted negatively by our recipients. Our good intentions can’t be reached.

Warnings – there may be spoilers ahead.

I’ve never felt so mad watching Kimi ni Todoke before. I felt like everyone except Kurumi, Ayane and Chizu are strangle-worthy. Yeah, that’s right! Even Sawako is strangle-worthy at this point. Well, I’m not mad – it’s just that it would’ve been sooooo good if Kazehaya and Sawako are officially a couple right now. I guess it doesn’t happen the way I wanted it or maybe it can’t happen that soon. These two need to face a few challenges first. But please don’t drag too long.

I knew from last week’s episode that Kazehaya was going to confess to Sawako this week. Bull’s eye! He did. How did Sawako react? Well, considering her low self-esteem and all I suppose I couldn’t blame her for not realizing that Kazehaya truly meant that he likes her. More than a friend. See, I don’t know what are the exact words exchanged in Japanese but from the subtitles the words Kazehaya chose to use can be interpreted in many ways. Say if I’m a generally positive person I’d be happy to hear those words. The thing is Sawako isn’t very positive when it comes to matters like this. It’s a bummer really. So near yet so far.

Major portion of this episode is dedicated to Kazehaya’s confession and how both perceived this development. I bet most audience were so excited that Kazehaya finally found the guts and step up to confess. And I also bet that most audience were so disappointed when Sawako misunderstood all of what Kazehaya had spoken. But then again, if I were to put myself in her shoes and think from her perspective, I guess I would also recall the unhappy incident that happened last season. I would also probably proceed with the matter as Sawako did. Similarly, if I were to put myself in Kazehaya’s shoes I guess I would also jump to my own conclusions about Sawako’s reaction. After all, Kazehaya – despite being popular and friendly – is one who is not confident with himself and does not like to be regarded as “lively” and so on and so forth. Plus, he was already very jealous of Kento. So after calming myself down a bit, I can see why both of them reacted the one they did. But still, it’s sad.

Putting the whole Kazehaya and Sawako aside, let’s discuss what will Kurumi do after this. Kurumi overheard conversations about what happened between Sawako, Kazehaya and Kento. She even personally asked Kento to clarify the situation. Last season, Kurumi had proved herself to be a cunning instigator. She’s quite marvelous in plotting out methods to get Kazehaya. Now, will she do it all over again to win Kazehaya’s affection by adding fuel to fire? Personally I don’t think so. I’d like to think she’s a girl with pride, and besides she views Sawako as respectful rival.

As for Kento – I think I said his addition to the cast will make Kimi ni Todoke a tad interesting. He is living up to my expectations. Just probably pressing all the wrong buttons. I know for sure that he now realized Sawako’s love is not unrequited. However, I have got the slightest idea what will he do from now on and what role will he play in the future.

Seriously, what’s going to happen next? Will Sawako amend her mistakes? Will Kento reveal his wrongdoing? Will the rival Kurumi come to the rescue? I guess we’ll just have to stick around and find out.


4 thoughts on “Kimi ni Todoke Episode 6: Affection and Annoyance

  1. It was so frustrating to see Sawako misunderstand Kazehaya’s words when he’s gone through so much that he finally told her how he felt out loud. If only she wasn’t so hard on herself and was more confident.

    Even though Yano thinks Kent did something he shouldn’t have done, I think the opposite. He provided Kazehaya the opportunity to just confess and not consider the consequences that which might entail. At least their feelings are out in the open and now all that needs to be done is to re-word what they meant.

    • Oh boy, I was really frustrated alright but yeah, if only Sawako isn’t so hard on herself. Then this whole episode would be so different. It’ll be a happy one. >.<

      Hmm..I was thinking that Kazehaya was going to confess to her anyways. Cuz when he stood up and left the cafeteria, he looked determined and he was specifically looking for Sawako. It's just that his timing is way off.

      Now we can only patiently wait and see what will happen now that their feelings are out in the open.

  2. I was super mad at Kazehaya. I think he jumped to conclusions way too fast and kind of assumed feelings that weren’t there. He’s really making me mad, and at this point, I might even start rooting for others x Sawako.

    Anyway, I am sooooo happy to see Kurumi in this episode. I have a huge crush on her.

    • At first, I was mad at both Kazehaya and Sawako. I agree, Kazehaya jumped to conclusion way too fast and didn’t even clarify with Sawako what she really meant. It’s driving me nuts.

      I believe Kurumi’s getting more and more screen time no? She’s appeared more often this season compared to last. =)

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