Favorite Baccano Scenes

I’ve been meaning to watch Baccano! since I learned of its close connection to Durarara!!. I like Durarara!! a lot, well, most of it anyways. But as usual, I dragged till after a long while before finally picking up Baccano!. I gotta say – Baccano! is addictive. It made me just want to continue on and on, watching one episode after another.

I decided to go with a different approach with this post. Usually, I’ll just jot down a few thoughts regarding a series I recently saw. With Baccano!, I decided to list down a few of my favorite scenes. These scenes are randomly ordered. Not by episode and not by favorite ranking. Just totally random.

Warning – I’ll be showing screenshots, hence possible spoilers!

1. This is one of the best scenes I saw. I like how these informants are constantly alert and ready. I just love the look on the bad guys’ faces when they saw these much guns pointing at them.

2. One of my favorite fighting scenes. Firo fights rather gracefully here. The most appealing part has got to be how the hat manage to drop back on his head in one piece.

3. I didn’t quite like how this screenshot turns out, but this is the best I could do. What happened here was how in a midst of such terrible mess on the train, Isaac and Miria managed to suddenly recall how they forgot to buy souvenir for Ennis. If I were them, I’d worry more about my safety than a forgotten souvenir.

4. In case you don’t know, Isaac and Miria are robbers and they always “cosplay” when they rob. Here, they’re being extremely loud when attempting to rob the Genoards. The fact that Eve just let them rob her house without putting up a fight is even more hilariously.

5. Another Isaac and Miria moment. I like how they set the mood to tell a horror story. Those looks on their face pretty much tell me that I’m in for a scary story. I like how the color tone changes too. It’s a good way to set the mood.

6. For some reason, the subtitle doesn’t want to appear. By right, there should be a “Isaac’s died!” – which I think it’s very funny. Some form of a freak accident happened here, supposedly. The old man just fired the gun in celebration, not knowing Isaac and Miria was just right on the floor above them.

7. Thissss iiiis whennnn Isaaaaaaccc and Miiiiriaaaa waaaaas drriivvviing a caarrrr onn a bummppyy rooaaaddd, aanndd startteed sttutterrring. (Read: This is when Isaac and Miria was driving a car on a bumpy road and started stuttering). All the way. Haha. Clowns of Baccano! What more can I say?

8. This time around, the passengers of the train used the guns freely available and aimed them at the black suits who terrorized the train. Love this part. It made me feel like bad things end with good people’s victory. Yay!

From the favorite scenes above, you probably have guessed how much I like Isaac and Miria. They are so random and so funny. Any moments with them in it are enjoyable.

Baccano! is a series with good music. From the first moment on, the music has been consistently amazing, and to my liking. It has been a pleasure listening to such wonderful music. There are anime out there with good music, but Baccano! stands out on its own cuz the genre isn’t mainstream. Meaning to say, it’s not all pop or R&B and such, instead it’s more jazzy, very oldies. That’s how I feel it though. Mostly cuz the setting of the series is set way back in the 1930s anyways.

While Baccano! is a fun series to watch, I have a few of my own personal complains. First of all, I personally think there are too many characters to keep track with. Besides Isaac and Miria, I’m not confident that I could name anyone else without thinking long and hard. They’re the outstanding characters among the bunch. Secondly, I dislike how the story jumps back and forth between 1930, 1931 and 1932. It’s hard to remember what happened first and what happened later. In other words, you might need a really good memory to connect the incidents to fully understand what Baccano! is trying to tell you. Did I also mention that it’s gruesome and bloody? Body parts coming off without warning and blood pouring out like a never ending stream.

Overall, I enjoy the show. I’ll recommend to anyone without hesitation. But there is one question I’ll never know how to answer – Is Dallas alive at the end of it all? I don’t think it was revealed at all. After roaming around the Internet for answers, I realize that there are more than 13 episodes for Baccano!. It’s just that I never get to see them…yet.


12 thoughts on “Favorite Baccano Scenes

  1. I love all moments that Luck Gandor was in, hah. I don’t really know why but I just love the guy.
    The informants scene was just awesome. They weren’t necessarily involved in the darker parts of society and yet they were able to hold their ground against gangsters.

    • Luck Gandor has the mysterious vibe maybe? Haha. I like how he’s always calm in handling his matters.

      I totally like the informant scene. It sends out a “don’t-mess-with-us” kind of message. >.< Yeaps, they're cool for being able to hold their ground against those ruthless gangsters.

      • Mysterious and cool vibe. I wish there were more moments of him~

        The music was definitely great, it really enhanced the moods and emotions of the situations. It’s all so catchy.

        To be honest, I really love how it has many characters and jumps from time to time. It’s almost like a puzzle and you have to put the pieces in the correct place in order to be able to enjoy it. So it requires some effort on the audience’s part to keep track of the time and event. I really love how all the characters are connected to each other in the forms of shared acquaintances and experiences despite time separating them physically.

        But man, Rail Tracer is so damn cool. I loved how he was covered in blood while killing people, didn’t even bother wiping it off and yet he was happily in love.

        • Oh, he’s definitely cool! =)

          Exactly, I also like how the music suits the different situations in Baccano! Very nicely done indeed.

          I guess when one’s watching this series, he/she must be prepared to stay alert at all times. As you’ve said, it requires the audience to constantly keep track of the events, which I wholeheartedly agree. Yeaps, that’s six degrees of separation – everyone’s connected one way or another. I’m really fascinated by this phenomenon. The whole idea where we can be related to someone in a chain is intriguing.

          Yeaps, Rail Tracer is cool for being in control, but he’s damn mean to do what he did to Czes.

          • I like how there’s no direct connection but rather a indirect and distant connection. It’s definitely intriguing.

            Well, it’s all good since Czes can’t die anyways. With that being said, it was something I couldn’t watch though.. I closed my eyes and covered my ears.. His scream and the scene were just too much for me.

            Also, the large number of characters really made this anime stand out for me. The diverse and numerous characters gave life to this series and portrays how crazy & confusing this show is.

            • Oh yeah,the torture scenes with Czes in it is just terrible to watch.

              The only problem I have with large cast is that I have trouble remembering their names, deciding who is who and what they do. But it does give way to a wide array of character diversity, which allows Baccano! to be painted the way it was.

              • It wasn’t that difficult, only after finishing the series does it get difficult to remember the names~
                Were you trying hard to remember the names or did you just watch it to enjoy?

  2. I haven’t seen Baccano yet, but I do like the 1930s gang flavor. I’ve also heard the soundtrack and found it nice. I wish I had time to pick this up…

    • Yes, the soundtrack was amazing. I really enjoy music with that sorta feel. Take your time, Baccano! isn’t going anywhere. You can pick this up when you finally found that time =)

  3. Recently watched this and overall I think it’s very nice and I loved the moment when Firo fight as well =)

    But my favorite moments would be when Ladd was fighting with Rail Tracer. Especially the determination of Rail Tracer thinking that ” he can’t lose ” – that was so damn cool! Well at least for me..=)

    • Ooo..I like that part too. Urgh..how could I have forgotten the Ladd versus Rail Tracer fight! I think it was one of the best fight scenes in Baccano!. Well, I agree that Rail Tracer is cool =)

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