Kimi ni Todoke 7: Just Give Up

Pain sometimes causes us to give up. Unbearable, we decided it’s best to let whatever that caused us pain go and move on. It doesn’t matter if we’re missing something precious. We just don’t want to feel that terrible feeling and decided giving up is the best solution. it wise?

Warnings – there may be spoilers ahead.

When I first saw the title of the episode, I cringed. Who’s giving up now? Sawako? Kazehaya? From the looks of it, it is Kazehaya. He’s terribly hurt from being rejected and he didn’t even greet Sawako anymore. Plus, we have Pin who’s poisoning his mind into giving up. But we’ll see.

If last week’s episode is all about Sawako and Kazehaya misunderstanding each other’s words, this week’s episode is all about the aftermath and the reaction from their friends and rival. We saw Kurumi – who is like me – almost strangled Sawako. She looked upset, but I’m not sure if it’s cuz Kazehaya was hurt or cuz Sawako’s such an idiot or both. =) Then, we saw Ayane and Chizu worrying about Sawako and both of them are trying their best to give them space. And then, we saw Kento who is feeling really guilty for doing unnecessary things. He’s so sweet for trying to make amends but Ayane’s right – he should just not do anything at the moment. And then unexpectedly, we saw Ryu telling Sawako she wasn’t being very clear about her own feelings. Ryu! The guy who’s always sleeping in the class and doesn’t poke his nose in anybody’s business. Ryu! That Ryu! He must really care about Kazehaya.

I’m truly impressed with Kurumi’s reaction to the whole situation. I love her for being able to stand up and challenge Sawako in a whole new way. That’s right, Kurumi. At this point, Sawako CANNOT be grouped together with you. You go girl! Despite her acting really strong after all that she’s been through, I believe she’s actually hurting deep down. I applaud her for not agreeing to Kento’s lousy scheme. And I love her for slapping Kento. She must really cares for Kazehaya to want him to be happy with the one he likes – which sadly isn’t her. Even though she was verbally attacked by Ayane and Chizu, she remained calm and said only things she feels that’s necessary. Really cool girl.

Should Sawako decided to take a chance and clarify her feelings to Kazehaya, I’ll give Kurumi a toast. I believe what she said sparked something inside Sawako. Sawako’s smart. She’ll understand what Kurumi’s trying to say.

Long Lives Kurumi.

Nothing much has been revealed about Kazehaya other than the ones I’ve already mentioned earlier in this post. I don’t think he’ll try and confess again. One thing’s for sure – he isn’t the “lively” Kazehaya anymore.

What exactly will Sawako do from here?


2 thoughts on “Kimi ni Todoke 7: Just Give Up

  1. I love Kurumi in this episode too. Actually I’ve always loved her, but she really shined in the recent episodes.

    And Kurumi slap is the best scene I’ve seen in a while. Loved it!

    • Yeaps, I agree. Kurumi shined in the recent episodes. She has more character.

      Definitely! That’s one of the best scene in Kimi ni Todoke actually. =)

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