Talking About First Loves

Hatsukoi Limited is a very light manga, centering around the stories of first love experiences of different high school girls and boys – although I personally think the story is told from the girl’s point of view. All these love stories are common, nothing really outstanding. There are stories about falling in love with a rival, a senpai, a classmate, a neighbor, the popular girl and even a sibling. See? There’s nothing special about the series. Despite that, I still enjoy it.

I saw the anime version first, and I quite like it. I’ll recommend to anyone who’s looking for a light, high school related anime.

Comparing the manga to anime, manga has a lot more to offer. In fact, I enjoy the manga more than anime. I think the reason is simple. It’s one of those series where the characters think a lot and usually these thoughts are not shown in anime. Reading the manga enabled me to understand a character and a situation better. Furthermore, the thoughts are sometimes hilarious. Fun! The following two pictures shows an example of how manga managed to provide readers more information than the anime.

Anime Version

Manga Version

Here, if I didn’t know, I would have think Chikuru-chan was either afraid of Kei-chan or just being kind. Instead in reality, both of them has strong sense of responsibility that’s all.

Another reason why I like manga better is the development of the relationships. In manga, it has much more depth and things really come in full circle for each character. This is not seen in its anime counterpart. Surprisingly, the story of Misaki and Yuuji was fun to read. Maybe that’s cuz two of the characters are a bit bonkers so the pages involving them are just hilarious. Their story aren’t illustrated that well in anime. I understand that the anime may lack in a few of these areas I find important to the character and plot (if any) development is mostly due to having only 12 episodes. But then again, they could have dropped a few more character stories just like how they totally neglect Yuu. Poor Yuu. I didn’t know she was such fun character until I read the manga. >.<

I also like how each chapter tells the story of one character. In my opinion, it provides a cleaner presentation of the story. While all main characters are connected in one way or another, each of them has their own distinct stories. Seldom do their stories intertwined. Each of their love story is theirs to create.

My favorite couple would be Yamamoto Misaki and Arihara Yuuji (I decided to use anime screenshot for this one cuz it looks better haha). It wasn’t cuz their story was the best or anything; it’s more towards appearance. >.< They are the cutest! Personally, my favorite character is Misaki. Beautiful and cool. It’s hard not to like someone like that. Also, I’ve mentioned earlier – their story is certainly enjoyable.

Can’t say that I’m in love with the art and character design here. They are just meh. Usually the background is simple and well the character design isn’t to my liking. It’s amazing how I suddenly have a few preferences in character design. I guess that happens after having read/saw so many manga/anime over the years. BUT! Don’t like these minor things fool you. While overall art quality is important to the satisfaction of readers, I think overall content (story, dialog and such) quality is much more important.

Finally, my conclusion. Albeit a rather old manga – 3 or 4 years old – it’s worth reading. If you’re not in the mood to do some critical thinking while reading, you could Hatsukoi Limited a try.


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