Hoshiko’s History with Anime

Since I have the day off from work and there’s nothing better to do at the moment, I decided to write this post in response to Nopy’s project which I stumbled upon after reading Yi’s post. It’s a good reason for me to reflect back these past years how much I’ve grown in this hobby.

I’d like to say I started with Doraemon but I barely remember anything about it except for maybe the word “Doraemon” (duh) and “Nobita”. Yeaps, the two characters’ names are all that I can remember. I can’t even remember their personalities. I was still a kid when I was watching the BM-dubbed Doraemon every weekend mainly to pass time. This is why whenever I was asked which anime I first saw, my immediate response will always be Naruto!

Soooo I started with Naruto. I got a complete DVD set from my bro and with nothing better to do on a long year-end holiday, I watched. I got addicted very quickly, mostly cuz I was very interested in the different set of skills the ninjas have. I started my anime fandom with popular shōnen titles. This is partly due to the fact that most of my friends are guys, and they only watch Naruto, One Piece and Bleach. So it’s only natural for me to start watching Bleach and One Piece after Naruto. All I needed to do was to borrow the DVDs from them. Back then, we just pass around the DVDs. That’s how I get my anime. Honestly, those three titles are the only anime I watch for the first five years. Nothing else.

Then on that fateful night just about two years ago while I was shopping at a local mall, I saw a shelf full of original anime DVDs selling at half price at one of the video stores. Curious, I bought myself Hyakko. Its material is really light, unlike the shōnen anime I’ve been following – and I like that. It’s a refreshing change. I went back there and bought more DVDs including my all time favorites Death Note and Bamboo Blade. It’s like I’ve just discovered that there are more to anime then my usual three series. -_-

Since then, I’ve been actively searching for anime to watch online. I saw Lucky Star, Lovely Complex, Ouran High School Host Club, K-ON, Vampire Knight..much of these titles are so different from the big three shōnen anime. Haha. See, I’m growing. About this time, I also found out about the anime seasons. That’s when I start watching airing series, keeping myself updated with the latest anime like Kimi ni Todoke and Gosick.

Ahh…in a matter of two years, my anime list just grows exponentially. I believe I’ve surpassed my guy friends in terms of number of anime I saw. Haha. My girl friends don’t like anime, which is sad since I can only limit my anime-related conversations with guys – and that means talking about One Piece and Naruto. I should be thankful though. =)

I don’t favor any particular genre. My only condition is that I must find it enjoyable.

This is it! Hoshiko’s history with anime literally! Very simple, but true.

5 thoughts on “Hoshiko’s History with Anime

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  2. I had a phase where I was into Naruto and Bleach too (One Piece never stuck with me). Those two were so awesome at first, but after I while I got annoyed that they kept dragging everything out. If they ever finish either Naruto or Bleach, I’m going to go back and watch all of the recommended arcs.

    There aren’t many people I can talk to in real life about anime either. I guess that’s part of the reason why I started blogging.

    • Some of the people I know dropped the shōnen titles cuz they are just too long, and if you’re watching the anime it’s even worse. They’re loaded with fillers. I could understand why some will drop the series after a while. The reason I could continue on with Naruto and One Piece is cuz I have friends to discuss them with, which is really cool. =)

  3. Naruto played a huge part in getting me back into anime after the childhood pastime faded away. In fact, it’s probably the longest running anime title I have ever followed. (I’ve stopped watching the anime because of the fillers but continue to read the manga each week).

    Anyway, Hyakko is lovely, and definitely a great anime to get people interested in anime.

    • Fillers, it’s a love and hate thing for me. I dislike the fillers myself cuz it can be confusing at times. What’s worse is that sometimes things that are used/portrayed in the fillers contradict the real thing. Nevertheless, some of the fillers can be fun cuz they can be very random and light.

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