Kimi ni Todoke 8: Reaching You

I’ve always envied Japanese schools’ festivals. They have loads of them. It’s nice to see the students working hard together to make something great for their classes. They put a lot of effort just so that they have a piece of this festival as a memory for the rest of their lives. I personally don’t have such privilege to participate in any festivals during my high school years. Why? Simply cuz there isn’t any. Sad but true.

I decided to put a picture of Ryu in this post. For some reason, he has been quite the observer recently. Wait. He always has been.’s just great to see Ryu.

Warnings – there may be spoilers ahead.

This week’s story serves to summarize the feelings between Kazehaya and Sawako, mostly from Sawako’s point of view. How she came to know Kazehaya and to fall in love with him. How she finally decided to put an end to the ridiculous misunderstanding they are both having now. Seriously, this whole episode does not see their relationship moving forward or backward. It stood still. A lot of things have happened recently. It’s a good week for me to reflect back on what had happened so far, and how I like what I saw.

Supporting characters don’t get to shine this week. That’s given considering there aren’t a lot of conversations going on. It’s mostly Sawako’s monologue. Hmm..although there was this cute moment between Chizu and Ryu. Also, I feel the need to say something about Kento. I know he’s upset that even though he does things out of good heart, he had caused Sawako pain. He tried to mend things, and I seriously thought that he was going to clear the air for both Kazehaya and Sawako. Never in a million years would I even imagine that he would try to convince Sawako in giving up Kazeahaya! Jeez. What were you thinking, Kento?

I did say that things were put on hold this week…but that all changed in the very last moment. Last time, Kazehaya made the move. This time, Sawako will make the move. Oh, I tell you she will (it’s in the preview). Gosh, Kimi ni Todoke is being so wicked to make me wait till next week to see the further development of my favorite couple’s relationship.

My greatest pleasure in this episode is the music. The piano accompaniment this week is fantastic. I enjoyed every moment of it. The soft touch of the piano keys as the show started to show how Kitaro High students are preparing for their school festival till the end. Perfecto!

Anyways, it’s almost the end of the season. I admit I had wished that the series will be extended till 24 episodes, but nothing has been announced. I just don’t want it to end so quickly. T.T


4 thoughts on “Kimi ni Todoke 8: Reaching You

  1. I almost wanted to scream when Sawako and Kazehaya went through another one of their misunderstandings again. I really hope that Sawako manages to confess next episode and the two of them get together.

    • I know how you feel there. The same goes for me.
      Me too, I hope that Sawako will confess in the next episode and we get to see the happy ending we all wanted so bady. >.,

  2. I feel the same way about school festivals. American high schools don’t really have those. 😦

    Anyway, love the music too in this episode. I’ve been trying to find the sound track.

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