One Piece War Ended, No One Really Wins

So the war has finally ended. A lot of things happened. Revelation of Ace being the son of Gol D.Roger, Ace’s death and later on Whitebeard’s very own death. That’s a lot of to stomach. It’s clear that an era has ended. With such a strong figure (Whitebeard) gone, how can it not have any impact to the world One Piece operates in?

It’s the marines’ victory. Or so they say. But who are we kidding? I think no one really won. The pirates lost Ace and Whitebeard, two prominent figures, and this has greatly affected the pirates emotionally. The moment Ace let out his last breath, the pirates have clearly lost. They didn’t get what they went there for. However, the marines aren’t in any better shape. If I may, I’d say they lost their souls. Led by a horrific character such as Akainu, what will be of the marines in the future? The guy doesn’t care about his comrades, and even sought to kill them if they defy the rules. What is that? I fear for their future, really.

I’ve seen a good portion of corrupted pirates, but here in this war, I saw a good portion of corrupted marines. Again using Akainu as an example. He’s a master of dirty tricks. If it wasn’t for his cheap lies, Whitebeard will not be stabbed and will stand a better chance of defending himself. If it wasn’t for his dirty insults, Ace would not turn back to confront him. Yes, Akainu was playing the mind games. It’s part of the strategy, it’s part of what a war is all about. But mind games come in many forms. Akainu’s choice is just low. I wouldn’t be proud declaring my victory if I lied to get it. It isn’t fair. This isn’t justice.

I’m not the only one who’s concerned about the marines. Even some of the marines are afraid of what’s happening to themselves. It’s as if they realized that they’ve become merciless killing machines. Coby’s a good example. He’s the one who saw this change. If marines are suppose to portray goodness and kindness, they’ve failed completely for they neglect their own injured men and served only to kill.

While the marines defeated the Whitebeard Pirates, they let loose a huge monster who is Blackbeard. I seriously don’t think Blackbeard shares the same life philosophy as Whitebeard. With Blackbeard so powerful right now and he indulges in that idea, the marines have a bigger problem to solve. Did they see this coming? No. How will they deal with the new breed of evils? No idea.

To think that the one who actually stopped this war is a pirate, can the marines really celebrate their victory? The marines trembled while Shanks arrived. If he hadn’t arrive, maybe the result of the war is different. Maybe at the end, no one survived but that’s exaggerating I know. What I could guess is both sides will have loads of casualties with neither side enjoying an advantage. It’ll be a sad draw.

This war has been a emotional roller-coaster ride. Joy. Agony. Relief. Sorrow. Love. Despair. You name it. I bet this isn’t going be the final war in One Piece. I’m going to bet that in the next war, Luffy gets to fight alongside with his crew. This time around StrawHats will be the one making headlines.

18 thoughts on “One Piece War Ended, No One Really Wins

  1. The moment when Ace died made my heart stop. It was the saddest moments in One Piece for me as he is my favorite character of all time.

    And speaking of Akainu, I’m sure Luffy will avenge Ace’s death by beating the hell out of him in the future. =)

    • I share you sentiment. I was absolutely crushed when Ace died, but I think it’s necessary in order for Luffy to grow stronger.

      Definitely! I’m waiting for the day to arrive when Luffy finally meets Akainu and beats the crap out of him. I’ll be cheering Luffy all the way.

      I’m still eagerly waiting for updates on the marines. So far, nothing about the marines has been revealed in the time skip…

      P.S I thought it was strange to see same avatars for two different username when I loaded my dashboard. It is strange that you were logged in with a different account. Hmm….

  2. Oda is very good in making a great storyline. The war arc is just a stepping stone for Luffy to get stronger for his future in the new world. Although it is sad that Ace cant be saved, Luffy must never give up until end… I’m really looking forward when Luffy and his crew or alliance having war head to head with the marines and the government. It’s going to be an epic battle…=D

    • Absolutely! I’m too looking to forward to the day when the StrawHat Pirates finally fight the marines and the world government together. It’ll be a massive battle, and I believe it’ll be much more interesting that this one. =)

      I personally think that Oda himself is a great strategist, apart from being a great storyteller. I really like how this war was told and planned.

  3. I just got to this episode (been catching up after a long pause) and it was so sad to see Ace die 😥 …..however, it’s more annoying to see the Marine’s claiming victory because they didn’t do crap. Blackbeard killed Whitebeard and the whole ID situation…whateverr…i’m so confused as to why Crocodile kept jumping in to save Luffy though. What would he benefit from risking his own life to save Luffy? Also i hate the fact that whitebeard and ace got killed yet noone beat the hell outa that annoying Akainu. i wanted him to die so bad WTF! noone important in the marines died!!! that’s just bias

    • The only logical explanation is because this war is about the marines versus pirates. Both Luffy and Crocodile are pirates so they’re on the same side. It isn’t about what’s beneficial or not. It’s more or less about joining forces with the enemy’s enemy. However, if some of the marine’s big guns took the hit, then may be there are some benefits.

      I hate Akainu as well. I’d love to see Luffy kick his ass someday! It’s true that none of the important ranks in the marines died, but the war caused a big change within the marine itself. Some of those high rank marines left the force and introduced new hierarchy, although I can’t say I like it either way.

      • I’m crawling through ‘The story of their brotherhood’ right now….it’s soooo sad that Ace died so quickly after Luffy went through I.D and then to Marinefold and then for Ace to get killed in his arms, it’s heart wrenching man 😥 …At first i was like, yea whatever still can’t beat Itachi’s death but Ace found his reason to live through Luffy when Luffy admitted to not having anyone and that’s why he was always following Ace around. It’ll take a while for me to get over this. DID NOT EXPECT IT AT ALL. (and yes i know i’m raving about an episode that may have been released 1-2 years ago lol)

        • I was speechless and didn’t know what to think for a few seconds when I found out Ace died in manga. It’s a fact hard to swallow, honestly. I never expected a strong person such as Ace to die at all! And the same emotions ran through me again when I saw the episode. Luffy fought so hard to save him and then he died saving Luffy. Imagine how’d Luffy feel?

          Lol! So now you’re watching the flashback of Ace and Luffy eh? It’s quite an emotional arc, really.

          • Yea Ace died wayyy too easily and wayy too quickly after being saved from his 3rd attempted execution.. I mean come on…they even had Crocodile save Ace….FRICKIN…u can’t just let Ace get killed without doing some major damage. It was hard when Luffy was rampaging in the forest and he asked Jinbei ”It wasn’t a dream was it”…that made me It’s kinda intriguing though that they didn’t have a cut scene with Magellan being hospitalised or anything so I’m having some hope that Bon-chan could have sneaked in with Blackbeard and took Ace’s place or even Mr. 3 made a wax replica? Shanks did show up coincidentially at the right time just to get their bodies so it may have a backstory to that.but what do i know, i’m like 100 episodes behind -_-

            • There are a few theories like the ones you’ve said about the person died may not be the real Ace since no one actually dies in One Piece before that moment (except in flashbacks). But I think that’s the real Ace. His role in the series is pretty much the same as Itachi’s role in Naruto – whatever they do or whatever happen to them will have a huge impact on their little brothers.

              • Yea it is weird that they would choose to kill two people all of a sudden, even Zoro didn’t die after he took all of Luffy’s damage on Thriller Bark. It’s fishy but it could be that they wanted to end the battle with a bang

  4. If former admiral Aokiji came back from Punk Hazard With so many scared badly wounded wouldnt that mean Akainu would have just as much scars as him?:???

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