Kimi ni Todoke 10: From Now On

Have you ever experience difficulty in sleeping because you’re too excited of what will come tomorrow? I had many sleepless nights due to this very fact. I was too excited about traveling trips or I was too excited about an event, so on and so forth. Cuz of these various reasons, I often greeted my friends with panda eyes. I was told not to worry about tomorrow a gazillion times but excitement is hard to control. So I understand what Sawako and Kazehaya were going through there.

Warnings – spoilers ahead.

In my opinion, this is a good episode. Real good. And it’s got nothing to do with Sawako and Kazehaya finally officially a couple. Okay, who was I to kid? Of course, they being a couple finally has a lot to do with it, but it is good due to many different reasons. One of them is Sawako’s recently discovered acting skill!

Did you not see how Sawako delivered her perfect performance as a ghost? Even Chizu couldn’t resist confirming if Sawako’s a ghost! I think I would also lift her dress just to confirm she ain’t floating. Sawako’s performance was hilarious. The whole scene was delivered perfectly. The colors. The contrast. The sound effects. The atmosphere. The expressions. Perfecto! Thinking about it now, I still couldn’t help but smile goofily as I type away.

I applaud Kazehaya for being brave enough to exclaim his love so publicly. Everyone who is within earshot can definitely hear his confession. Seeing him cheerful brought me back to early days of the first season. Back then, Kazehaya is always cheerful. So glad to see him back to his old self. Again, I like how Kimi ni Todoke took time to show the expressions of Sawako and Kazehaya’s friends at the end of this episode. They’re all genuinely happy for them, even Kento. Oh, but Pin looked bad. Was he too shocked? This new couple had come a long way. Tons of misunderstandings/miscommunication prolonged what was bound to happen. So yeah, it is the same ‘like’, both of you. They’re finally on the same page. Yippie!

By the way, is the girl with wings and her back facing us Kurumi (pictured above)? What’s going to happen to her now? Her reaction was the one I look forward to the most. I can only imagine her crying her heart out at this moment. Kazehaya is finally with Sawako. Her rival’s love is not unrequited. It must be painful to see someone she likes in the arms of another person who isn’t her. Nevertheless, I trust Kurumi is strong enough to overcome this. Deep down, I know she has the utmost respect for Sawako. I have many reasons why I like Kurumi (seriously, is there a character that I don’t like in KimiTodo? Oh wait – Joe.). She’s true to herself. She knows what she wants. That’s someone I have respect for.

Anyways, I foresee a good ending for this season (ahem!). It’ll be an ending we all like. Hmm..what’s going to happen in the next episode? The preview barely dropped a hint.


2 thoughts on “Kimi ni Todoke 10: From Now On

  1. That scene right after Kazehaya confesses publicly, and everyone turns around in shock… I teared up.

    You go Sawako!

    Also, I really wanted to see Kurumi’s reaction too. But I guess this is Sawako’s moment. With only two more episodes to go, I hope Kurumi gets some more screen time.

    • Oh..I like that scene so much! It’s such a perfect moment for Kazehaya and Sawako.

      I certainly hope to see Kurumi in the next two episodes. This season cannot end without seeing her at least once! >.<

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