Action-Loaded Asura Cryin’

Tomo was a school kid with just one problem: he had a ghost friend for a while. One day, his life is turned upside down as his world changes into a new one, one which he couldn’t imagine before.


Warnings – there may be spoilers ahead.

Asura Cryin’…what can I say about this anime series? I saw the two seasons – I had to, otherwise I won’t know the full story. The first season ended in a cliffhanger that will make you sooo pissed that you will pick up the second season anyways. At least, it made me. I was told that I shouldn’t be expecting a lot out of the anime so I guess I was prepared. If I were asked to describe about Asura Cryin’, I’ll say “It’s action-packed”. It is. There were constant battles – up in the air, down on the ground. Everywhere. Pretty cool. I enjoy seeing the different types of Asura Machina. Needless to say Kurogane is my favorite (cuz it’s black).

I’d say the second season is better than the first. The humor was a lot better, and there were a lot more actions. Nevertheless, I found myself constantly confused with what was going on. I needed some time to absorb all that I was reading (the subtitles! Haha). Occasionally, the characters will sum up all the scientific stuff they were talking earlier, then I will go “ that’s what this is all about”. -_- I wished that they would have explain things more in layman’s terms. It is not a complain, just a wishful thinking. I guess being a show that revolves around advanced technology, it can’t really impress if it doesn’t drop a few big scientific words.

There are a few surprises in stored. I was totally dumbfounded when I found out that Picasso Kamen is none other than President Kitsutaka Tōru. Picasso Kamen is one of the antagonists. I don’t know why I didn’t see it coming. President Tōru was first introduced as one of the good guys. She was the Third Student Council’s president (yeah, beats me. I too am clueless as to why they need that many student councils). She fought alongside with Tomoharu throughout the first season. I really liked her and thought that she was strong, powerful and cool. It’s like an ultimate betrayal, really. It’s the biggest surprise for me. I hated that her character was painted in such an ugly light – all that she did was selfish. If it wasn’t for her selfishness, none of what happened would have taken place. This just made me ponder how sometimes jealousy, however small it is, can be awfully destructive.

Another surprise is that the talking koala bear pictured above. When the koala appeared, I just thought – hey look, Asura Cryin’ has a mascot. It turns out to be the Science Club president, Kagayaki Tokiya! Before you jump off from your seat, let me assure you that he’s like one of those remote control bears. The real president was at home controlling the little koala. Pretty smart. Too bad Tokiya’s the mastermind behind all the chaos. His despair, unknowingly caused by his childhood friend President Tōru, had driven him to madness. Nevertheless, this revelation isn’t as shocking as the first surprise I mentioned earlier.

Asura Cryin’ goes rather easy with its fanservice, but it’s not without sexual reference every now and then. It is harem right? However, I’m glad the story doesn’t focus a lot on the fact Tomoharu was surrounded by pretty ladies 24/7. Hey, you know, he’s the 2D version Hugh Hefner – living in a mansion with pretty girls. 😛

My favorite character in this series happens to be Misao. She’s the burial doll that operates Kurogane, a childhood friend of Tomoharu. I love her bubbly and lively character. She’s always very happy and energetic. I think her presence in this series added additional flavor to the story. She’s there to lighten up the mood whenever there’s a need for it. I think it’s wise to have such character in a series.

Finally, to the most important question – will I recommend this to anyone? depends. If a person specifically ask for a series loaded with actions and robots, this might pops up in my mind. If anything, Asura Cryin’ did excel in those areas. Now, that answered the question well, didn’t it?


8 thoughts on “Action-Loaded Asura Cryin’

  1. I remember seeing the first two episodes of Asura Cryin’ and thinking that it was all action and no plot. It wasn’t what I was looking for at the time so I didn’t watch any further.

    • Hmm..I can’t say that it doesn’t have a plot, but it does certainly have a weak one. It’s all about Tomo trying to save the world and things happen randomly sometimes.

  2. So,, I only read the last few lines of your post and I’m thinking of giving Asura Cryin a try. I’ve seen it before but I can’t remember why I didn’t want to watch it. You made it sound interesting so hopefully I’ll be able to find some time to watch this.

  3. Seem’s like a pretty fun show. I’m loving the Koala (and the girl next to it) based on character designs alone.

    I like action but I’m not too into mecha, so I’m not sure how much I’ll like this.

    • Honestly, I wouldn’t say that it’s fun but it’s definitely not boring.

      Same here. I like action but not that much into mecha. Including Asura Cryin’, I’ve only watched two mecha series so far. >.<

  4. Was all good in the first few episodes until it got butchered to death… i was really hoping for a misao and tomo.. like bring misao back to life etc but no -.-

    • As the matter of fact, Misao did come back to life at the end of second season. Anyways, the way she’s acting and all made me feel like she’s very much alive.

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