Kimi ni Todoke 11 & 12: Strawberry Time

First of all, I’d like to clarify something regarding my post title. In past weeks, I’ve always used the episode title but since this week I’m attempting to write two episodes in a single post I decided to use the two words I think best summarize both episodes. Sooo…after spending the last 12 weeks with Kimi ni Todoke, the story has finally come to an end. As a bonus, I’m extremely happy to let you, my readers, know that Kimi ni Todoke is ranked the most enjoyable anime in the Winter 2011 season. Read here for more information. Apparently, the survey was conducted in February but I’m sure the votes remain the same up till today.

Warnings – spoilers ahead.

Kimi ni Todoke closed in high note. That’s what I think. Kazehaya and Sawako is now going out. We see blessings from their rivals, friends and classmates. They get teased so much that it’s hilarious. The sad times are long gone. It’s back to all light and fun. Seriously, these two episodes are fun.

For me, the most important thing is that I finally saw Kurumi’s reaction. If you’ve read my previous posts, you’ll know that I’m dying to know how will she react. The conversation between her and Sawako on rooftop was mature. I really like that Sawako took the effort to meet Kurumi and tell her personally about Kazehaya. It’s definitely mutual respect there. But unlike Kurumi, I never once thought she will punch Sawako. I can’t believe she even think she would punch her. Do you? Oh wait – she almost strangled Sawako before. Right, if I think of that scene way back in episode 7 then yeah, Kurumi is capable of that aggressive act. I also absolutely like the fact that Kurumi stood up for Sawako when others were bullying her. Very cool. Sigh, sometimes deep down I think Kurumi deserves Kazehaya more than Sawako. The way she understands his character is totally at a different level compared to Sawako. But it’s just not meant to be.

The final episode of Kimi ni Todoke showed some girl power as well. Haha. Of course, I was talking about Yano and Chizu. They rocked! They’re different from most of their peers. First of all, they are not fangirls of Kazehaya. Secondly, they are quite capable of handling difficult situations and seems to be able to say all the right things to all fangirls of Kazehaya. Thirdly, I totally like how they keep appearing at the critical moments to protect Sawako. So cool. >.< Okay, I’m officially their die-hard fan here.

Speaking of Chizu – she blushed (I can’t see her face but yeah, she blushed) when Ryu confessed. No one took take that confession seriously. The setting wasn’t right, and although I know he likes her but something tells me he wasn’t a bit serious at all that moment. But boy, Chizu reaction was fantastic. >.<

Kento had a few scenes too. His little private conversation with Kazehaya was hilarious. I have no idea what he did that for. Knowing him, he’s probably doing all just for kicks.

Sigh. I can’t believe this – it’s the end of Kimi ni Todoke. For anime, at least. It’s hard to sum up my thoughts in a few sentences. So much had happened in such short number of episodes. It’s definitely a roller coaster ride. It’s great that everything falls into place nicely. I’m sure all fans are delighted.

So, if you have followed the wonderful anime all season, what’s your final verdict?

P.S Kazehaya finally got his Valentine chocolate. >.<


7 thoughts on “Kimi ni Todoke 11 & 12: Strawberry Time

  1. I absolutely loved the ending. They slowly brought us down after the climax in the previous episode and resolved all of the lingering issues with Kurumi, the bad girls, and whether Ryu would tell Chizuru how he felt. I really hate when an anime gets to the climax and just abruptly ends, so I’m glad they did it this way.

    It was sweet that Kazehaya finally got his chocolate, but my first thought was whether or not they had gone bad by then XD

  2. Kimi ni Todoke is definitely my number one favorite anime this season! I loved how it ends. I thought Kurumi carried herself really well, and it just makes me love her even more, if that’s even possible. She’s so full of class and beauty.

    Anyway, feeling kind of sad now that the series has ended. It was such a lovely watch!

    • I just can’t get enough of Kimi ni Todoke. Definitely one of my favorite anime of all times! Kurumi really did me proud. I admire her character very much.

      Yes, it is sad but we can always watch again, can’t we? =)

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