Seeing The K-ON Girls Again

I’m sure the title of this post dropped some, if not enough, hints to tell you, my readers, that this post is about the 27th episode of K-ON!!. Well, it’ll not be a review per se – just some afterthoughts that I have. I probably suck at keeping myself updated with OVAs, OADs, extra episode releases and whatnot. Usually, I read tweets, Facebook statuses or blog posts of fellow anime fans to gather these updates. So, I’d like to take this opportunity to express my utmost gratitude – Thank You.

Warnings – spoilers ahead.

Once again, K-ON fans get to see their favorite band and their wacky plans. As long as Ritsu and Yui are around (my favorite characters, by the way), life in K-ON is anything but ordinary. I’m sure this episode is meant to be somewhere between the first episode of the second season and erm, the last episode. Haha. After all, they are planning for a graduation trip that has not taken place. We all seen the seniors graduated no?

Ah..traveling. It’s one of my passion. Seeing the girls planning to travel to a oversea country made me want to plan my own year-end trip right now. I know where I want to go, it’s just that I haven’t start doing anything about it. Anyways, I wish to visit New York or London someday as well. It’ll be great to see the street musicians playing wonderful music – jazz and all. It’s also my dream to watch a musical and even an opera! Music is truly an integrate part of the girls’ lives. Heck, they even choose their vacation locations based on it!

This episode is hilarious, especially the part where they’re practicing English. “Where very delicious cake shop?” Oh, Yui, are you serious? One thing’s for sure – she’ll never starve in a foreign land. The fact that they forgot their main agenda, which is to discuss about their vacation, is something I can totally relate to. It happened to me a million times – which is why group study for me is a no-no.

As I write this post, a line Yui said came to mind. “No Rice, No Life!” I laughed out loud. She’s saying something that most Asians believe. She summed it so well, in four words, what a lot of my relatives believe. I don’t mind living without rice cuz I’m more of a bun person. >.<

I have many reasons why I like K-ON, and one of them is the cheerful nature of the series. Besides that, I like how close the girls are. They’re basically capable of reading each other’s mind. Such close friendship is always an envy.

Since the girls are on summer break, that means we get to see them in casual clothes. K-ON has got to be one of those series that put in the extra effort in designing the outfits. And they are cute. I can’t say whose outfits I like best, but knowing myself I’ll probably wear something similar to Ritsu’s. I don’t know about you guys – for me, I take delight in seeing constant change of outfits. It’s boring to see a character to keep wearing the same old clothes over and over again. Of course, the fashion department isn’t a criteria I look for when choosing an anime. But still…..

K-ON. It’s good to see it again. I recently read that there will be K-ON-goes-college series. You can read it here. I have the slightest clue how it will work since Azusa is not with them. Will there still be Houkago Tea Time? Or will there be two bands instead? One in college, one in high school. I kinda agree with what Azusa said at the end of this episode. No matter where they go, they will be just like that (as long as they’re together). I guess we can only stick around and watch closely. =)

P.S Machu Picchu. Matsu Pichu. Machu Picchu. Machu Pitsu.

P.P.S Did anyone of you thought that there was a bug on your monitor screen when you saw this little buggy moving?

(Look for a red square and you’ll see the bug)


17 thoughts on “Seeing The K-ON Girls Again

  1. Yeeah, a very Nice episode. There are more jokes added too. I cant stop laughing when Yui tried to speak english, it was hilarious. Long live K-on!!! ^^

    • I have the same thought. My prediction will be about they’re going to the oversea trip. And of course more joy and laughter and more moe scene too…XD

      • @Ryo_kun, @Itachi, It would be great if the movie is about the trip. I’d love to see them in foreign places once in a while. Wanna take a guess which country they finally choose?

        • I’m guessing they will go to Finland because there is an event related to air guitar there. But I got a hunch where they will go to Kanada. Well,From what I see in the extra episode, while Yui taking a break after study, on her table, there is Kanada traveling pamphlet? So my hunch, they will go to Kanada.(If the movie is really about the trip) ^^

          • If we’re to assume that the movie is about the trip, I’d like to see them visiting New York BUT I have a feeling that it’ll be somewhere within Japan? >.<

  2. I totally didn’t notice the bug at all! Good eye. ^ ^

    Also, agreed about the summer casuals. The clothes are a nice little treat. Azusa’s are my favorite this episode.

    Anyway, this episode is a delight. K-On!’s cheerful nature and fluffy atmosphere always makes me warm. It’s also what I love the most about it!

    • Thanks, I think it’s more of a coincidence that I spotted the bug. Haha.

      Getting to see cute little outfits are always nice, isn’t it?

      Yes, totally agree. That’s exactly why I like watching K-ON!

    • Haha. I saw a bug moving on my screen and was kinda annoyed cuz I thought it was a real one. Only to realize the bug is well, not a real bug. >.<

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