Kimi ni Todoke Season 2: Final Round of Thoughts

After following the series religious for about 12 weeks, Kimi ni Todoke has now wrapped up for its second season. Since the manga is still ongoing, we might get a third season. That’ll be great as usual. I’ll always watch Kimi ni Todoke anime series.

Warnings – there may be spoilers ahead.

Since I’ve covered Kimi ni Todoke on weekly basis, you’ve already known much of what I think about the whole story for this season. To sum it up, Kimi ni Todoke has taken me on an amazing journey this season. A lot of heartaches, disappointments, joy and laughter. I like how the story turned out to be at the end. Our favorite couple (okay, my favorite couple) is officially together. That pretty much wraps up the whole two seasons perfectly actually.

Comparing this season to last, this season Kimi ni Todoke focused more on Sawako and Kazehaya’s feelings and how their relationship progressed instead of Sawako’s social issues. The characters, including side characters such as the lovely Chizu, were already well developed last season. So it’s fair that the second season focused on the development of story and blossoming relationships.

That being said, this season is a tad heavier to absorb. A lot more drama going on, a lot more emotions to deal with. I’ll be frank – this season’s more gloomy. While first season saw Sawako being misunderstood for overthinking the meaning of the word “friend”, this season saw Sawako being misunderstood for overthinking the meaning of the word “like”. Conflicts were resolved at a much slower pace here, thus sadder to watch. The difference between these two seasons probably is the difference between friendship and relationship. Or how is it so much harder to admit one’s romantic feelings and matters of heart.

There’s also one new character added to the existing cast. I predicted that he’s either going to be Kazehaya’s rival or Ayane’s new love interest. In the end, he was never any where near being Kazehaya’s rival since Sawako’s mind was preoccupied with Kazehaya. His relationship with Ayane was also not developed up to the extend to be called potential couple. What I can say is that he spearheaded Kazehaya and Sawako’s relationship regardless what he did was necessary or not. Even though he messed things up a little, but I know his intentions are good. Anyways, Kento is a great addition to the cast. He’s much livelier than the popular Kazehaya.

Overall, Kimi ni Todoke still maintains its good blend of drama and humor. Last season, I would laugh and cry while watching it. This season, I would laugh and cry and scream and throw things – just kidding. The artwork is still pretty. Twinkle, as Pin puts it. The characters are still fun, and the character development isn’t just restricted to our protagonists. My only complain is the music isn’t as good as last season. There were good moments but overall the soundtrack just didn’t make me go gaga over it as I did the last.

That’s all, folks. My take on Kimi ni Todoke 2. =) And I will recommend this to anyone without any hesitation.

P.S Since I have the live action movie here with me, I think I might get to that sometime soon.


9 thoughts on “Kimi ni Todoke Season 2: Final Round of Thoughts

  1. Well, I’m just finish… the first season. 😛
    I’ve have not yet watch the second season but will soon and let’s see if the second season can make me feel “doki doki” or cry. LOL

    Btw, this manga was also favorite by Ayana Taketatsu. ❤

  2. Love this series!

    Agreed Kento is a great addition. At first, I thought he’d be Kazehaya’s rival too. And to some degree, he kind of played into that role, but nowhere near what Kurumi is to Sawako. Still, his addition progressed the plot wonderfully.

    Also agreed about the music. There are a couple tracks I really loved in this season that I later found were all from last season’s OST.

    Still, Kimi Todo is probably (definitely) my favorite series last season.

    • I’m looking forward to see what Kento will be doing after this. In the manga, that is.

      This season’s OST really lacks the oomph. I’m not really sure if it’s my high expectation cuz I really liked last season’s OST.

      Anyways, I bet we’re not the only one who have KimiTodo ranked on top of the list =)

  3. I absolutely loved the second season. The first season was a bit light-hearted, but this time they really brought on the drama, and I was so anxious over what would happen with Sawako and Kazehaya. KnT was definitely a great shoujo series from start to end.

    • Aren’t you glad we’ve got the answer to what would happen with Sawako and Kazehaya? Haha.

      I agree with you very much here – KimiTodo’s definitely a great shoujo series. Love it from the beginning till the end!

  4. This season had its ups and downs, but overall I really liked it. It was intense, had some great moments, and they couldn’t have picked a better spot to end it.

    I really do hope we get a third season someday. Kazehaya’s father NEEDS to be animated.

    • Oh yeah, I agree. Kazehaya’s father has to be animated! I do hope we get a third season since there are quite a number of interesting materials in the manga that should be fun to watch if animated. =)

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