Hanasaku Iroha Episode 2: Vengeance is a Staff Meal

The first thought I had after seeing the second episode of Hanasaku Iroha was “I like that girl!”. I meant Ohana, of course. She has charisma. I like how she carries herself throughout the course of the second episode here. It’s hard not to like her. At least, that’s for my case. She’s also can be very stubborn and a little rebellious. Basically, she’s marching to the beat of her own drum.

Warnings – there may be spoilers ahead.

Ohana is at the age where she’s finding herself – who she is and a place she belongs to. Being constantly neglected by her mother as a child, she learned to be independent a little too early. Kids at that age (four? six? years of age) should be served dinners not cooking dinners. She also doesn’t seem to have a lot of friends, which means she doesn’t really have someone to share her emotions and frustrations with. I think this episode revealed a lot about who Ohana is at the moment. Her vulnerability. Her principles in life. Where she stands. How she thinks. I like how she put up a fight, and doesn’t give up very easily. She looked really confident on the outside, but deep down I see that she’s insecure. She probably never know what it feels like to be loved. There’s a lot of room for character development here. Let’s hope to see Ohana grows well as the series progressed.

Her mother’s advice – “Never rely on someone else. Believe only in yourself” sounded like a good advice on the surface but actually a lousy one. Really, can we not rely on others at all? I think it’s nice that once in a while we learn to rely on others. Sometimes we need support from our friends and family. Besides, we can’t possibly do all things on our own. We’re not superhuman with superpowers. Thus, occasionally, we may need to rely on others. It isn’t a weakness, in my opinion. But over-relying is. Bleh, her mother probably just came up with a random advice cuz she missed her daughter’s school event. An excuse, I’d say. So I’m happy that Ohana decided that she’s going to rely on Minko and Nako.

It’s terrifying to know that a little Ohana already knows how to seek revenge at such tender age. I’m not sure how old is she exactly but it is suggested she was just a preschool kid. Nevertheless, her way of revenge is cute. I never thought of cooking one’s least favorite meal just so I could feel better for the pain they’ve caused me.

There’s another thing that bugs me here. It’s related to the author. We should all know by now what sort of genre his books are. Let’s just say he’ll not be very popular among the residents of the Kissuisō Inn if his actual profession is unveiled. But that doesn’t make him a criminal, does it? I think there’s a huge possibility that he is a criminal. He looked anxious when grandma mentioned about calling in the police after he made unnecessarily huge fuss about his missing drafts. I’m curious. Is he hiding something? He also looked a little uneasy around Ohana. Is it cuz he was using her as a character reference on his work or is it cuz grandma threatened and warned him to stay away from her? I suspect grandma knows something fishy going on with the author. She’s just not saying it. Her attitude towards the guy is a lot different from her usual attitude towards customers. I’ve tons of questions regarding this but only time will tell.

I’m also looking forward to know what’s the story behind Minko’s cold attitude towards Ohana. Is it really cuz Ohana pulled out her wild rocamboles or there are more than meets the eye? Minko looks friendly to Nako and civil to other workers so there’s must be a reason for her to be mean to Ohana.

Of course, I’m still very impressed with the artwork here. Did you see the night view of Kissuisō Inn? I’ve posted two screen grabs here. Isn’t it just breathtakingly gorgeous? I wonder how long does it take for whoever’s in-charge to get the drawing done and colored like this. I sure hope such level of dedication to details remains throughout the entire series. How many episodes are there? 12? 26? Most anibloggers said Hanasaku Iroha has 26 episodes. I checked AnimeNewsNetwork, and it currently still has 12 episode titles only. We’ll see.

I’m pretty sure I heard the OP song last week. It’s just that I wasn’t really paying attention. This week, however, I paid attention. It’s not bad. The ED song isn’t bad too. In fact, I prefer the ED song over the OP song. If the story and the characters are well planned and developed, this series is seriously going to shine for the year 2011.


6 thoughts on “Hanasaku Iroha Episode 2: Vengeance is a Staff Meal

  1. My parents gave me the same advice that Ohana’s mother gave her and I think it works well. Some people think I’m a robot, but at least I have the assurance that things will get done well and on time because I’m the one doing it.

    As for the author, I think he’s just freeloading off the inn and the grandma knows it. She probably can’t kick him out due to some reason that hasn’t been mentioned yet.

    MyAnimeList says that Hanasaku Iroha is 26 episodes, and I’d rather take their word for it over ANN’s.

    • I guess it also depends on how the receiver of an advice interprets it. If things turn out well, all’s good. =)

      For now, we can only guess why is the author bossing around at the inn. I hope grandma kicks him out soon.

      Thanks for the info. So 26 episodes it is. That reminds me, I haven’t visit my own MAL account for a while now…

  2. This anime is getting more interesting. I like Ohana positive thinking and attitude to never give up. She challenge herself in order to fit in that inn. So, I can’t wait how they all become friends… ^_^
    But wait, Ohana been attacked by the pervert author! I cant wait for the next episode to come, nad how she handle things out… XD

    • Totally agree. Ohana is generally a positive girl.

      I know! I’m waiting for the next episode to see what’s going to happen. I hope the author will be kicked out.

  3. Ohana gives me pause every time I see her. She’s from a somewhat dysfunctional family, and she seems to have a sort of… rebellious streak in her. She’s certainly a very interesting character. I’m kind of scared what direction the anime will take with her.

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