Hanasaku Iroha Episode 4: Grey Heron Rhapsody

A love triangle in Hanasaku Iroha? I thought of the possibility. Just that I always thought it’ll involve Ohana. Guess not. This episode debuts the most anticipated character – Yuina. Can I say the only reason everyone anticipated her debut is cuz she’s in the OP and remains the only character that has yet to appear? Please don’t throw eggs at me if I’m wrong.

Warnings – more spoilers ahead.

To be honest, I was also anticipating the arrival of Yuina. Sadly, she isn’t who I want her to be. My imagination of Yuina goes something like this

  1. She’s a real good friend of either Minko or Nako or both. Wrong!
  2. She’ll be very sweet and kind. Wrong! Okay, maybe not. A little too early to say. Still, from her short conversation with Ohana, she sounded like a girl who plots dirty tricks. Think of KimiTodo’s Kurumi.
  3. She’s the quiet type like Nako, who talks softly and gently. Wrong! I’m not implying that she’s loud and rude. Just she’s, well, a lot like Ohana instead.
  4. She’s not perverted. Wrong! Haha. I don’t know about you, but she’s sound a wee bit too excited when Ohana said “But he’s pretty perverted”.
  5. ??

So yeah, I’m a little disappointed. But once again, it’s too early to judge her right? She only appeared for like ten minutes max.

Enough of Yuina. Let’s talk about Minko. Oh boy, she’s one of the two most popular girls in her school. Am I surprised? No. She’s pretty and cool – just so long she doesn’t use the word balut. Oh, am I surprised that she like Tohru? No. I’m not. BUT I’M SURPRISED THAT YUINA WENT OUT WITH TOHRU. Is Tohru the “someone cool” Yuina was referring to? Why did I think she was referring to Minko? Argh. Hmm..Is there a rule at the inn where a staff cannot date a rival inn’s staff or relative?

Speaking of guys and dates, it reminds me of Ohana and Ko’s text message. It’s good to see that the show constantly link back to an event that happened in previous episode. Seems like Ohana hasn’t reply Ko’s text message yet. She’s troubled and confused. I think her actions here kind of reflect her feelings. She’s unsure how to deal Ko’s confession. She doesn’t know how she feels about him yet. Is he more than a friend to her or is just just a friend? She wants to talk to Ko but at same time feeling afraid. One thing she’s sure of is that she misses Ko. Frankly, I don’t know what I’ll do if I’m in her shoe either. Would I reply Ko’s text message as if nothing happened?

There isn’t much going on this week. This episode mainly served to introduce Wakura Yuina, Kissuisō Inn’s rival Fukuya Inn and another cold grandma. Albeit slow-paced, it’s enjoyable cuz there are cute moments, funny moments, and scary moments (yeah, the heron). Let’s just say, it wasn’t boring.

Anyways, the scene I love most this week is this. Love the scenery here. I feel like I jog around here peacefully =)

P.S I’m sensing a festival coming soon.


6 thoughts on “Hanasaku Iroha Episode 4: Grey Heron Rhapsody

  1. I really enjoy this week shows. It really gives more and more drama like feeling. I thought Yuina is a friend of Minko or Nako too. The love triangle really surprise me though. >.<
    Tohru is cool? Maybe because of the cool bike… XD

  2. Oh my..you thought Yuina was a perverted girl? Nooo! Haha. But seriously, for me, she lived up to my expectations, and met the most important criteria for her attitude, which is – sweet and lovely. But that’s from the surface though.We never know how will she be on later episodes. She might be a bad girl..but please, don’t let her be!

    • Haha. She certainly gave me the impression that she’s perverted. Yeah, your right – it’s her first appearance after all so it’s too early to judge.

      P.S I also hope she’s not the bad girl here. =)

  3. I had a very different (almost opposite) expectation and reaction to Yuina. I was actually hoping for a girl who plots dirty tricks like Kurumi, and so far, she seems like she could be like that. So yay!

    Anyway, really enjoyed the episode as usual.

    • Really? Good for you. =) But we still have to wait a few more episodes to see what she’s really like. I’m guessing she’ll be somewhat similar to Kurumi.

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