Another Great Piece From Ōba: Bakuman

Moritaka Mashiro, a junior high school student, content to live out a relatively normal life as any other does, is persuaded by his classmate, Akito Takagi, to become an aspiring mangaka when the latter realizes his natural talent as an artist. However, Moritaka is reluctant to pursue his dream as his uncle, once a mangaka with his own serializations, died from overwork trying to regain his lost status. With Akito’s help, Takagi gets another classmate and his school crush, Azuki Miho, who is an aspiring voice actress, to voice in the anime adaptation of their future manga once it is completed. However, Mashiro also proposes to Azuki, who surprisingly accepts only on the condition she will marry him when both of them have achieved their dreams. With a goal set before him, Mashiro begins a long and struggling path to become a famous mangaka.

– AnimeNewsNetwork

Warnings – spoilers ahead.

As the post title suggested, Bakuman is the work of Ōba Tsugumi, the creator of Death Note. Both of his works are just brilliant. I’m a huge fan of both Death Note and Bakuman. He’s really a genius for creating these two wonderful and distinct stories. They easily stood out among thousands, perhaps millions, of different anime/manga titles out there.

Both Saiko (Moritaka Mashiro) and Shujin (Akito Takagi) are two young men who had worked very hard to make sure their dreams come true. While they are talented, it hasn’t been an easy ride for them. I admire both the main characters’ perseverance. They have failed many times in their attempt to get serialized but they never once thought of giving up. Passion has become their driving force in their journey to success. It’s something to learn from. Their many failed attempts go to show that nothing comes for free. If we want something bad, we have to work really hard for it. We can daydream if we want, but we won’t get any closer. That said, I think it’s important for us to be persevere and ride through the waves if we’re to achieve our dreams.

I personally think Bakuman has an amazing cast. The interaction among the characters is strong. This not only applies to both Saiko and Shujin. Bakuman did a good job in bringing the characters to life. The eagerness Saiko was feeling when he’s striving for serialization. The hopelessness of Shujin when he couldn’t produce a name. The worry of Saiko’s mother to know his son has decided to follow his uncle’s footsteps. The cheerfulness of Miyoshi. The rivalry between all aspiring mangakas. These emotions were painted so vividly that one could easily understand them. Besides, I appreciate that the series has characters like Miyoshi and Niizuma Eiji. They added humor to the show. By the way, I’ve written a post about the eccentric Niizuma Eiji before – you can read it here. He’s the kind of character one will always remember. =)

I’m a little surprise how Saiko and Shujin can make such a great team. Their characters are poles apart. Saiko is an ultra serious person while Shujin doesn’t mind having a little fun once in a while. I was once told that when working in partnership, it’s important that everyone in the team clicks. If it weren’t for their undying love for manga and shared dream, I don’t think both of them can be in a room together. They’re just that different. Mutual respect is also a crucial key in their successful partnership.

I’m worried about Saiko though. He’s very determined. I like that he’s really passionate about his dream and had put in a lot of effort into it but sometimes he needs to relax a little. He’s a bit too uptight and I worry that this attitude may sooner or later affect his health. I’m not at all worried about Shujin as he is very capable of managing his affairs. He took little short breaks every now and then, and spent time chillaxing with Miyoshi. Plus, Saiko can be demanding – Shujin is basically fulfilling Saiko’s every wish.

Finally, all I want to say is that I really enjoyed Bakuman. A lot. Naturally, I’m excited to know that there will be second season, which is coming this fall season. I must’ve missed the announcement December last year so you could imagine my face when I saw the last bit on the 25th episode. I was thrilled. I am still… Oh, you can read the good news here.

So, see ya again this coming fall!


4 thoughts on “Another Great Piece From Ōba: Bakuman

  1. I’m looking forward to the second season myself. Although at first, the anime didn’t seem like would hold my attention, but managed it to. Guess I was more attracted to the original manga and how I idealized things would be. Can’t wait to see the next leg of Saiko and Shujin trials and tribulations.

    • Definitely excited about the second season here. Glad that you came to like the anime at the end =). I didn’t read the manga so I guess it’s a little easier for me to like anime (in that sense). Can’t wait to see how the actual serialization of Detective Trap works!

  2. I haven’t seen this series–and maybe I should have–but those two guys sound like really interesting characters. I usually really appreciate character-driven stories, and watching passionate people makes me happy. I wish I have more time…

    • I know how that feels. Sometimes I wish I have a little more time to watch more anime, but real life comes first. That said, when you have the time you can consider picking this up. =)

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