Hanasaku Iroha Episode 5: A Tearful Chef Romance

This episode revolved around Tohru. More accurately, the misconception that he’s left Kissuisō Inn for its arch rival, Fukuya Inn. The culprit behind all the misunderstandings is none other than the novelist wannabe – Jirō. Tohru gained recommendable reputation this week. It seems like he is not only a Mr. Nice Guy but a well-respected chef too. I can’t help but wonder why he’s asked to help out Fukuya Inn in the first place. Whose idea was that?

Warnings – more spoilers ahead.

So it turns out that the love triangle isn’t really a love triangle I imagined it to be like. Tohru was just being kind to let Yuina ride on his bike at her request. It doesn’t seem like there’s anything special going on between both of them. At least, for now. I understand, from this episode, that Tohru is certainly is really good guy beneath his tough exterior so what sort of relationship will develop between Yuina and him or Minko and him in the future is something we could only guess at the moment.

We also get a glimpse of Minko’s past. Looks like the girl always wanted to become a chef, which is why she’s working as a kitchen helper at the inn. I like her determination. She looked like she really wanted to become a chef when she asked for a job at the inn. Pretty damn confident too. Will she finally become a chef at the end of this series and cook up storm for the staff?

As suspected by most anibloggers whose blogs I frequent, Ohana will be able to reach Minko by helping her in resolving her heart matters with Tohru. I was the only skeptical one. Although it isn’t quite as imagined, but by the end of this episode, Minko has already break down the wall between herself and Ohana. Of course, I still expect her to maintain her cold demeanor, just that she would be a little friendlier towards Ohana.

Is it me or is grandma actually a kind and soft woman? She looks like an evil queen when Ohana first arrived at the inn. However, these past weeks we’ve seen the softer side of her. She even cracked a joke here! That’s one thing I never expect to hear from her. I’m curious what sort of rivalry she’s having with the other grandma. Wanna bet that they’re actually really good friends? The other grandma (referring to Yuina’s) is oddly similar to grandma (referring to Ohana’s grandma). Yeah, I know. It’s confusing if I keeping referring to the two grandmas as grandma. Their names have yet to register in my brain.

Ohana finally returned Ko’s text but the latter has other plans. Will he be visiting Ohana soon? That’s so sweet. He must be missing Ohana dearly. I can’t wait to see them reunite again.

My favorite scene this week is this.

Love the lights and whatnot. I was going to post a night view of Kissuisō Inn but I did that a few times already.

It’s an enjoyable episode overall. Lots of things happening here and there. Ohana is definitely living up to my expectations (so is Minko). Ohana’s a fighter, and she’s learning new experience each day at the inn. It’s good to see her doing all that she did for Minko, and it’s even better to see Minko appreciating it.

P.S What nickname would you give Ohana?


10 thoughts on “Hanasaku Iroha Episode 5: A Tearful Chef Romance

  1. While there isn’t a love triangle between Tohru, Yuina, and Minko, I think Tohru might be taking an interest in Ohana. He was the one that noticed her skirt height, and it seemed he was touched that she was the only one that tried to bring him back.

    As for Ohana’s nickname, perhaps “Oha-chan”?

    • Hmmm..I was thinking Tohru did all those cuz he’s that kind of man. I’m not implying that he’s bad or anything. Just that he’s the kind of guy that sees what others don’t, which is why he asked to let Minko stay. Or maybe I was just plain hoping to see Tohru and Minko together.

      “Oha-chan” sounds great! Can’t wait to see what they call her. “Oha-chii”?

    • I would love it if Tohru has an interest in Ohana. I had my suspicions as the show progressed but then again, there is Ko. I hope they bring him into the story again eventually as Ohana and him didn’t really leave on good terms. It was pretty awkward for them. Maybe Tohru and Ko will meet and Ohana will then realize her feelings? Tohru is pretty straight forward.

      For some reason, I want it to be unrequited love for Minko-chan. It feels like Tohru only sees her as a kouhai that he is training to become the next chef.

      And I like the perverted novelist! He’s funny and he’s one of my favorite voice actor.

      • Hanasaku Iroha leaves a lot for us to imagine, doesn’t it? The way the story goes now, there’s no way we can really pinpoint what will happen between Tohru, Ohana, Ko and Minko. But I agree that Ko has to be in the picture for Ohana to realize how she really feels.

        Really? For me, I thought Tohru looks really good together with Minko. I’m starting to think I’m the only who thinks that. =(

        Googled him up – Suwabe Junichi. He voiced cool characters like Fate/Stay Night’s Archer and Nodame Cantabile’s Kikuchi Tooru. WOW!

  2. An epic fail for the good-for-nothing perverted novelist. He should just stop showing up already. Lol. Anyways, it was a very wonderful episode indeed. The misunderstanding was totally unexpected, I thought I’d really get to see a heavy love triangle drama this episode.

    • LOL! I wish that he stopped showing up as well. >.<

      Yes, indeed this is a wonderful episode even though all the hype built up from the previous episode was for nothing. I just like HanaIro more and more each week!

  3. Nice development in the story progress. I didn’t expect that Ohana is daring enough to assault the rival Fukuya inn.

    For the nickname, I think Hana-chan or Hana-chii. XD

    • Yeah, definitely a nice development. Well, I expected that though cuz it’s Ohana. I always thought of her as someone who’s not afraid of anything, and will always fight for something she believes in. =)

      Hmm..Hana-chan sounds better. Hehe. Hana-chii sorta reminds me of Hachi from One Piece. >.<

  4. I think Tohru has developed feelings for Ohana, so for Minko, while that’s one disaster avoided, there’s still a much more worrying one. There is going to be some drama later on.

    Nickname for Ohana… Hm… That’s a toughie.

    • True, from how’s the story going so far, there’ll be some drama in future episodes. Let’s just hope it’s going to be a happy ending for all. It may seem a little predictable but I like happy endings. =)

      Definitely a tough one, but seems like they’re settling down with “Ohana-chan” for the time being. I’m waiting for something fancy though.

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