Hanasaku Iroha Episode 6: Nothing Venture Nothing Gain

Ohana received her first salary. 20,000 yen, about 750 Malaysian ringgits and about 250 U.S dollars. I think it’s not a bad amount considering she’s staying and eating at the inn for free. I believe her receiving her first salary, with an amount she considers huge, has motivated her to put a little extra effort in facing the challenges she was given this episode. Wait a minute…didn’t she negotiate her pay or at least know how much grandma’s paying her before starting her work?

Her challenge this week is..drum rolls..trying new outfits. That’s how I interpret this episode. A little fan-servicy too. I initially thought the consultant’s going to make the girls try on all the different outfit she brought, but oh well, we only get to see Ohana and Nako in cheongsam. Not that it matters.

Apparently, the inn hasn’t been doing well for a while now. Ohana’s uncle’s trying to attract new customers by introducing changes to the inn. His idea isn’t well-received by grandma, which I think is typical. Little did I know that she’s the one who was always designing new outfits, making changes when she was young! Wow, those uniforms are pretty (although it looks weird when matched with aprons). This week’s episode basically revealed a little about Ohana’s family history. Like how her mother used to give advices to her uncle, about her grandma and the good old days of Kissuisō Inn.

Grandma sounded a lot like Ohana and her mother during her younger days. A person who isn’t afraid of challenges and willing to try new things. I’m beginning to wonder if grandma became the way she’s right now due to certain things that happened in the past. She’s guarded and cold right now…

While it’s fun to watch this week’s episode, for some reason, it feels dry in comparison to its previous episodes. Almost the whole episode was about clothes. Ohana discussing outfits with Yuina. Beanman showing Ohana the old collection. Ohana and Nako trying new outfits. See? There’s nothing much to progress the story further. Well…maybe except for a few hints on the possibility of Tohru having a crush on Ohana and Minko noticed this. Other than that, it’s just the typical slice-of-life series except it isn’t as funny as those.

To amuse myself, maybe I should go ponder how I like the waitress’ uniform to be like….


6 thoughts on “Hanasaku Iroha Episode 6: Nothing Venture Nothing Gain

  1. Very true. Besides the possibility of Tohru having a crush on Ohana, there isn’t really much happening on this episode. Very little development like what I said on my review. We should at least be happy that it didn’t turn out to be a fan service episode. *rolls eyes*

  2. An eye-catchy episode. The dress they wear looks lovely. A fanservicy indeed! I like the way it present the story and there isn’t a overloading fan-service for it as well. It’s perfect! Hint there’s a love affection from Tohru towards Ohana as well. Cant wait how the story progress. XD

  3. I loved seeing Nako and Ohana in Cheonsam, but the highlight for me was definitely that room full of kimono. So pretty~

    I really enjoyed this episode a lot, even if it is a bit fanservicey.

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