All About Neji

I believe very much that last week’s Naruto manga chapter has given Neji‘s fans a great shock. He’s a spy for their enemies, and has killed several medics in the process!! Neji is one of my favorite characters in Naruto so you can only imagine how I felt. It’s such a huge betrayal.

My friend, a fellow Naruto manga reader, and I began discussing what could possibly happened. Both of us agreed that he has to be controlled by someone else. It could be Madara or even Itachi. The extend of Madara’s ocular power is unknown but surely powerful so it won’t be surprising if he’s capable to cast such technique on Neji and with Itachi roaming about in the battlefield, anything’s possible.

The Neji we all know and love isn’t one who will betray his comrades and a true shinobi in many ways. We were pretty damn sure of that.

Then, we began discussing what will happen to him when he snaps out of it. Again, we agreed that he will surely die. It’s either him taking his own life or feels the responsibility to sacrifice himself when a critical time requires such decisions. We’re so confident that’s how the ending will turn out to be like. Neji could never live with himself if he committed such terrible deed even the rest of Konoha understood his situation. That’s the kind of person he is.

This week, I’m relieved to know that that spy Neji is a fake Neji. Zetsu used his highly skillful transformation technique to mimic Neji to perfection. Too bad he talked too much….piglets don’t have hands!

Talk about jumping to conclusions too soon and thinking too much..sheesh.


6 thoughts on “All About Neji

  1. Lol..yeah talk about overthinking >.< . It appears to be a Raikage vs Naruto chapter next week. Trust me, "Talk no jutsu" is all what it takes to take down Raikage.

    Joke aside, I think Naruto shouldn't waste his energy to fight Raikage while other strong foes are still around.

    • LOL! That’s funny – “Talk no Jutsu”.

      I don’t think Naruto should fight the Kages either. I don’t understand why they won’t let Bee and Naruto out. They’re the ones that can help them win the war. With the many Zetsus infiltrating their base, they’re already losing. Big time. T.T

  2. I think by this point, Naruto manga has pretty much set on the personalities for most of the characters. I didn’t doubt that Neji was either being manipulated or it’s a fake Neji. It’s kind of unthinkable and out of character if he did in fact betray the village. And I’m glad to know it was the former.

    • There’s always a possibility that the author decided to change Neji’s personality. We have no idea how long this series is so all things are possible. Of course, I’m glad he remains the Neji we all know and love.

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