Are You Dirty-Minded?

Dirty-minded is, as described by most online dictionaries, the tendency of one having obscene, lewd or indecent thoughts or interpretations. I can’t say if it’s bad or good. It depends on our personal perspectives and mindset.

The reason why I wrote this post was cuz recently while I was watching the seventh episode of Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens (or better known as Kannagi), I jumped to conclusion that Jin was making sexual advancement on Nagi, which greatly upset the her and driven her to lock herself in the closet. Of course, I already know that’s not possible. It’s just that the way the episode was heading, I can’t help but thought of that.

The episode started with Nagi already locked herself in the closet and was extremely mad at Jin. Jin was profusely apologizing for what he did, which we could only have guessed at the time. Then, later Nagi explained what happened to Tsumugi, Jin’s childhood friend, using ambiguous and suspicious sentences such as “What’s even more irritating is that he didn’t spare a thought for my feelings!‘ and “If not for what happened last night…I’d have been able to accept Jin!“. And then, Tsumugi was saying “If the same thing was done to me, I would get mad too. We need some kind of mental preparation too, right?“. She even lectured Jin by saying “Because of your own selfish ideas, you toyed with a woman’s innocence, you beast! All men are wolves!

While the episode was still playing, I was debating with myself what could’ve possibly happened. I knew that it wasn’t anything sexual but how the events unfold just made it sounded like it was. The reason why what I keep thinking happened couldn’t possibly happened cuz number one, Nagi shows no interest in Jin as the opposite sex, and number two, Jin doesn’t seem like the guy who would’ve done something that bold. Nevertheless, all my rationality and reasoning just went down the drain.

It turns out, Nagi was upset cuz Jin overwrote the video recording of her favorite anime, Lolikko Cutie, with a show he thought Nagi might wanna see. Poor Jin. His intentions were good though. Sigh.

Well…I guess it can’t be helped if the story keeps throwing vague clues at the beginning.



14 thoughts on “Are You Dirty-Minded?

  1. I think it was deliberately written in that fashion to make you think that something naughty happened. They try pretty hard at making it seem that way. But I wasn’t fooled! Not one bit! lol

    • Definitely. All the lines they were throwing suggested something naughty happened. It purposely directed audience to think the impossible. Haha.

  2. The average male brain thinks about sex every two minutes, just something to consider.

    I haven’t seen Kannagi myself so I can’t say if they tried to make it sound dirty on purpose or not, but knowing anime, it probably was.

  3. Lol yes. I was thinking like that too back then when i watch this episode. The initial reactions and the way they put it seems to imply that Jin did something naughty to Kannagi, which in the end, didn’t happen at all. Like you, I’d say Jin would never do that! haha ^^

    Anyway, I think it is natural for men to be having lewd thoughts. It’s the way of life. Otherwise, how are we born? It has nothing to do with bad or good XD

    By the way, what do you think of this show overall?

    • I like it. Thanks for recommending, by the way. It’s hilarious – everyone in the show it’s just so funny. It confused me a little at the end though. I still don’t know if Nagi is actually a goddess or if it’s just her imagination. The old lady seems to be recognizing her, but then again there’s her little sister who doesn’t seem to be confirming anything.

      I choose to believe that she’s a goddess. >.<

  4. LOL xD

    don’t worry I’m with you on that one… i mean its what they want you to think, and if somehow they’re intentions never reached you then that anime(kannagi) could be considered a failure.

    but still being pervy ain’t that bad. Everyone”s gonna do pervy things sooner or later,,,

    • Phew..I’m glad to know I wasn’t the only one >.<

      You're absolutely right, Kannagi would've been a failure if I didn't have the wrong impression. They did well, they did well. =)

  5. It sounds like it was intentionally misleading, as anime tend to do with sexual innuendos. Thinking that way doesn’t necessarily make you dirty-minded I suppose, not that it’s a bad thing.

    p.s. I think I’m pretty dirty-minded~

  6. just stopped by to say HI!!! haven’t watched any anime for months now….*sigh* I definitely need some break(anime break xD) one of these days or I’m going to have a convulsion……:)))

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