Bootleg Trouble

I don’t know about you but for me, I love good deals. Sometime ago, I was hunting for a Kurosaki Ichigo’s figure. To be more specific, I was hunting for this. A MegaHouse 1/8 scale figure. I saw it at a few local toy stores and boy, it’s expensive. It costs about 150rm-200rm. That’s a lot – about my monthly lunch expenses. So I hesitated.

Then, I was browsing a Malaysian-based online auction website and lo and behold, I saw the very same model selling at half the price. You see, I was basically a noob at the time. I never suspected anything fishy going on. It’s normal to see something selling at a cheaper price online. Besides, I was just starting to collect figures and wasn’t familiar with “the scene”. Soooo….I didn’t know it was a bootleg. The seller conveniently neglected to tell me.

The figure arrived in tip-top condition. The first thing I noticed was it has a bad paint job. Since the figure closely resemble the character, I didn’t complain much. In fact, I displayed my first scale figure on my desk, absolutely satisfied. However, months later, the figure started to show signs of problems.

What happened was…

  1. The figure no longer stands firm even on its base. After trying multiple methods to make sure it stands still, I decided it’s best to go without the base. It stood fine without it. Beside, the orange base has cracks on it and it’s faded.
  2. Any parts with sockets started to fall apart. For example, the sword. The blade started to fall of its handle. The scabbard kept falling off too. It’s irritating cuz a slight movement on the desk will literally cause the figure to fall apart.
  3. Later on, the figure couldn’t even stand still on its own two feet. With or without the base. It does well on cloudy or rainy days, I observed. But on super hot days, it just loves to take a nap….(falls flat on its face). I always jokingly said the figure’s starting to melt. I begin to believe that it’s true.

I struggled with it for a few months, then decided that I’ll just store it away. It’s a pain to keep it on my desk or my display shelf.

If you happened to purchase a bootleg, any weird problems you’ve encountered with it?

2 thoughts on “Bootleg Trouble

  1. My very first figure was a bootleg, a 1/8 Haruhi by Max Factory. The paint job was bad and her arm was in the wrong position. After a while, the pegs on the base holding her leg broke off and the base started to turn yellow. Luckily, I got my hands on an authentic Haruhi figure a short while later.

    • The quality of bootlegs are just bad, which is probably why things start to go wrong after while. I wonder if this will ever happen to the genuine products. I hope not. I’ll be crushed if they start to fall off from their base and whatnot.

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