How Willing Are You To Lend Others Your Collections?

It’s a simple question. It could be anything actually, but in this post I’ll discuss more on anime DVDs/BDs, manga, light novels and games. Maybe even game consoles like PSP and figures. It has to be something you hold dear to.

It’s not like I’m a stingy and being mean that I dislike lending others my collections, but the truth is it comes with a risk. The moment an anime DVD is off my shelf and into my friends or families’ hands, its fate is not known till it safely returns to its home.

I had a bad experience lending a book to a close friend of mine when I was in primary school. I treasured it very much and thought I’d like to share it with friends. After many months later, I finally got my book back but it has water stains on it and with a couple of pages torn. Needless to say, I was devastated. I was really angry at her for being so careless. Of course, we’re still friends. >.<

But since then, I’m more careful with who and what I would lend others. However unwilling I am to part with my collections, especially my favorite anime titles and games, even for a few days or months, I still lend them to others. Sometimes, it’s just hard to say no to your good friends. Up till today, I still have a few anime DVDs that were gone for a long, long time. I wonder if they’re really watching them. If you must know, the missing DVDs sparked the idea for this post.

However, when it comes to figures my answer will always be a solid no. There’s no way I’d lend my figure to anyone. My reason? If they break it or lose it, it’s a goner. As some of you may have already know, some of the figures are hard to get. One has to preorder to ensure that he/she is able to get a figure of interest. I don’t care if my friend or a friend of my friend or a friend of a friend of my friend begged me to lend them for a few days for their photography adventures – this one I stand firm. It would still be hard to say no especially to good friends, but I have my own concerns to deal with.

This brings to another question. Say if you’re stingy and not willing to lend others your DVDs, games and whatnot, would you be more generous with the titles you dislike? I find myself more than happy to lend or even give away things that I don’t like. For example, I have a School Days DVD sitting on my shelf, which I’m dying to get rid off. That anime creeps me out for some reason. Too bad no one wants it either. Note to self: When buying an anime DVD next time, google about it first! Even if it’s on discount. Sheesh.

Like I said, it’s a simple question. It’s a matter of yes, no and in-between. What’s yours?

10 thoughts on “How Willing Are You To Lend Others Your Collections?

  1. Just let me express what I could have said if I didn’t finish reading what you have written – ” omgomgomg why did you buy a SCHOOL DAYS DVD?!?! O.O” But you’re planning to get rid of it, so yeah, good to hear that.

    As for the answer to your question, I’d say it really depends. True, it is really hard to say no – especially towards your close friends. But even if it’s my close friend, i’d take his/her carelessness and sense of responsibility into account. In most cases, things like PS3 games, anime DVD is a instant NO.

    • LOL! School Days must’ve haunt a lot of people. It has a beautiful sypnosis, which is why I bought the DVD at the first place. Sigh. Anyways, just today my brother said his friend wants it. Finally out of my shelf!

      Yeaps, I get what you mean but sometimes after they persistently asked I gave in – which is why some of my anime DVDs are missing. T.T

  2. Of course…. NO!
    Why should I?
    Except if she is a she and she’s beautiful in my eyes. 😛
    I’ll poison her to death with my collections XD

    • LOL!.

      So you wouldn’t lend your friend you collections, even if it’s your closest friend? Let me ask you, does it take great effort in saying no to your best buddy?

  3. Interesting post~
    It really depends on the person. If they’re are really a close friend of mine, I would reminds him to take care of my “treasure” carefully… Sometimes I know some of my friend is not a good handler of borrowed items, so, I’m pretty much will say no to him/her… Borrowed item must be handle with care!!! I tell it to my friend and myself as well. When I borrowed some Anime DVD or games from my friend, I will take care of it until it is return to their owner.

    • If everyone thinks like you – taking good care of the things borrowed – then I wouldn’t have any problems with lending them. I wish some of them to be responsible enough to know that they should handle things of others with care. Sigh.

  4. For my anime, manga, games, and art references, I would lend them to any friends just to spread the joy. As for my figures, I would be selective about which ones and to whom I lend them.

    The only collection I would not lend out are my binders with my Sailor Moon cards. I’ve been collecting them for 15 years and they are very hard to find so if anything were to happen to them, I would be extremely upset.

    • You’re the first to say you’re willing to lend anything to any friends (except figures and your card collection). Your friends must be the careful and responsible bunch. Good for you.

      I wish I could say that I could lend my anime and games to any friends but it’s just not that easy in my case.

  5. I’m with you on the figures, not that anyone would ever ask to borrow my figures. As for books and DVDs, I think I’m pretty laxed about that. Sure, sometimes people don’t return them, but I don’t return everything I borrow too… So it kind of equals out I guess. Loll.

    • Say, what if it’s a yuri artbook collection with loads of your favorite pairings and they are well illustrated. Would you still be willing to lend them knowing that there’s a chance that you may not be seeing it again?

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