Relaxing with A Channel

Like it or hate it, it’s your call. I know there are a lot who got sick and tired of slice-of-life anime. For me, all I can say is it depends on how the series is delivered.

A Channel, to me, did a great job. If you’re looking for an anime with substance, there isn’t any here. But if you’re looking for an anime to unwind, here it is. A Channel is one of the good ones out there. I know it’s hard to compare now that slice-of-life has become repetitive across different anime titles but I really enjoyed this one.

Most slice-of-life anime show the girls (why is it always girls? wouldn’t it be unique to show four boys instead?) going to school or a specialized school, joining a club or having a lot of conversations about the most random things. For example, Lucky Star, my all-time favorite – it’s about four girls going to the same school and hanging out. It has many conversations about the most random things on earth. Or Hidamari Sketch, another good one. Four girls going to art school and doing random things. While it’s fun, it’s slow-paced.

I won’t say A Channel is different cuz it isn’t. A Channel also has four girl going to the same school and doing random things. The casts’ personalities are almost similar to that of Lucky Star. The plot, wait – there isn’t any. It appeals to me cuz there aren’t too much conversations going on and it’s well paced. The most important element here is that it showed how the girls are having loads of fun. I really like episode 10 – the girls were having so much fun playing in the snow.

A Channel can be this fun probably cuz it has only 12 episodes. It’s short and sweet, not long-winded.

The other thing that I find different is how the show always focused on two of the closer friends. That way, no characters are sidelined. In K-ON, I think Mio and Yui or even Azunyan are the ones getting the most limelight. And in Lucky Star, we barely see Miyuki. However here in A Channel, if the four aren’t going out together, the series will take time to show what’s Tooru and Run or Yūko and Nagi up to. I like that.

Perhaps A Channel isn’t as big as Lucky Star and K-ON but it’s definitely one of those I don’t mind watching over and over again.

11 thoughts on “Relaxing with A Channel

  1. As much as I enjoyed Lucky Star, the flood of slice of life anime has turned me away entirely from the genre. If in the future I’m bored and the slice of life wave is long over, I might pick up A Channel.

    • I totally understand why one would feel reluctant to watch a slice of life anime these days – there are just too much of them. Yeaps, in future whenever you feel like it, do consider picking up A Channel. =)

  2. Whenever a slice-of-life anime comes out featuring some girls in school, there always seem to be groups of people calling them “K-On! clones” or “Lucky Star clones” or whatever else. A Channel got that treatment. I’m sure the upcoming Yuru Yuri will get it as well. Personally, I think it’s kind of silly. Sure, the structure may be similar, but what really drives slice-of-life are the characters and the moods. And that easily sets apart different slice-of-life anime.

    Anyway, back to A Channel… I wish I had time for it. 😦 I think it’s something I would’ve enjoyed a lot.

    • I wish others would give this a try. It was really fun and it offered something different. It’s definitely not a clone of whatsoever anime.

      Aw…well then, when you have time in the future, do consider watching this. I think you would love it. =)

  3. tohru is both a lovable badass and an adorable lesbian in love. So beautiful. Run-chan’s an adorable klutz, Yuuko’s is SO Mio Akiyama’s distant cousin. They’re practically the same person both in mannerisms and sexiness. The only difference is Yuuko is more passive than Mio. Nagi reminds me of a much tamer Yomi from Azumanga Daioh and plays her part well as the least unstable of the crew. I also enjoy the antics of the secretly dating Yutaka and Mipo-rin. Kimiko-sensei is my heroine with her over energetic attitude.

    Overall a most enjoyable watch and I WANT A 2ND SEASON NOW!

    • “Yuuko’s is SO Mio Akiyama’s distant cousin.” <- I lol'd on this one. I like the other sensei. The one with the laid-back attitude. I'd like to have her as my sensei.


      • Well you can’t deny how incredible the similarities are. DOI! How could I have forgotten the laid back sensei? I absolutely lol’d the way she easily manipulated the energetic sensei.

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