A Stronger Naruto Now

Nothing is boring in Naruto these days. Ever since the war started in manga, new discoveries and suspense dominated much of the chapters. This week, we finally get to see just how much Naruto has grown since his fight with Pain.

Let’s talk a walk down the memory lane and see just how much Naruto has grown since day one.

He pretty much sucked at his now well used technique. This was Naruto’s level of skill way back in the days. I think I’ve seen worse clones from him. This was the only picture I could find from the Internet.

Driven to succeed, he honed his skills and mastered several other techniques along the way.

(whistle) Sexy Technique. I always laughed at this. Very good technique.

Clone Technique. His favorite I think?

Summoning Technique. He summons toads.

Rasengan. He also uses Great Ball Rasengan. A bigger size, that’s all.


Sage Techniques.

And now a new more new variants of rasengan.

Rasengan Riot.

Rasengan Vaccum.

I like this! Mini Rasenshuriken. So cute!

Why I like Naruto more than Luffy from One Piece and Ichigo from Bleach is cuz he started from being the most hated person in Konoha to someone the world depended on. It’s a huge contrast from Luffy who has always been likeable and everything has been easy for him. Or Ichigo who I think Kubo painted a little too perfect. I saw Naruto trained very hard to be where he is today. His pain, hardwork, persistance, dreams are all evident throughout the 500++ chapters. Really admirable.

14 thoughts on “A Stronger Naruto Now

  1. He started out as immature but going through so much, he’s much wiser and dependable. There’s a huge and positive difference between who he was and who he is now. I hope he can see how much he’s changed and that he’s definitely gotten stronger.

  2. Agreed with you there. Naruto is such a hardworking person that he climb to the top up until now. Now, he is the one that might can stop the war. I can’t wait to see how he fights with Madara and his army, must be really awesome!

  3. It’s true that he worked very hard and fought all the way till he is right now. I admire his guts, motivational speech and the will of never give up. But I still like Luffy over Naruto because he didn’t follow the usual shonen trend of being trained by a certain master to achieve a higher level if you exclude the time skip. Luffy learned Gear Second by himself why is why I like him more. Still, both of them are very close on my no.1 spot xD

    However, both Bleach and Ichigo suck. That manga has been going down the drain every since Stark died.

    • I’d think changing one’s perspective and attitude towards a person is a lot more difficult to achieve. But I’ll give credit to Luffy for being creative enough to come out with new skills on his own. Both persevere till the very end, a quality I adore. So yeah, those two are pretty close on ranking in my list too.

  4. haha luffy himself, suffered quite a lot XD

    I do feel that naruto fits in the general genre of “fight – stronger – fight more – more stronger” I started losing interest in naruto after the pain arc^^” but it’s still a fun read from time to time

    • He surely did, but I reckon not as much as Naruto >.<

      Same as yourself, I started to lose interest after the pain arc, however, these latest few chapters are real good that I'm drawn back in again. I'll always have that same thought though – when is Naruto going end.

  5. I don’t quite understand why Naruto gets so much hate from a lot of the anime community. It’s never boring and it’s really really well written. Reading the newest chapters gets my blood boiling. And it has a lot of re-read value. I love it.

    Also agreed. Naruto is super admirable. I think he might be my favorite character in the whole series.

    • Beats me, but the only reason I could think off the top of my head is Naruto anime has a lot of fillers. That sorta make things slow for the anime viewers who are also reading the manga. Despite the fillers, some of which I enjoyed, I still like watching it.

      I agree with you – Naruto’s hardly ever boring. I’m loving the latest chapters. Those are seriously juicy chapters.

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