For those who dropped Gosick after just watching the first episode, well, you missed out. I agree that the first case was a no-brainer, partly cuz it has revealed so much in the flashbacks that it took the fun out of guessing who’s the murderer. As the series progressed, however, the cases started to get more challenging and more complicated.

The last few arcs, for example, have the most compelling cases. I especially enjoy all the cases starting from the Leviathan arc onwards. Everything isn’t as it seemed. I like it this way. It’s frustrating sometimes trying to guess what’s going on but that’s what mysteries are all about. The juicy bits should only come after.

A case usually made of two or three episodes, and in those cases Gosick often left some clues regarding Victorique and her past. It’s very much a family affair. It’s a fight between the ladies of du Blois against the gentlemen.

Gosick provided a good ground for comparing and contrasting matters of supernatural and matters of science. If you haven’t already noticed, all cases always started by referencing to supernatural elements as reason or cause of death. And Victorique was able to debunk myths and enlighten those with hard, physical proof of science. I thought this point was really interesting. I meant no offense to those who strongly believes that there are supernatural forces out there but I’m a strong believer of science. I sincerely thought most things happened on earth can be explained by science.

Of course, we have the lovely Victorique. A lot of people watched this show cuz of her. She’s an interesting character. She started as a little girl without much social skills since she was kept on her own pretty much since she was born. She was demanding, selfish, thoughtless, arrogant and rude. After becoming friends with Kujo, she’s changed. Still the thoughtless, arrogant, rude Victorique but just a little less. I thought it was fun seeing her sulk. She’s extremely adorable. However, nothing beats seeing her happy face whenever Kujo brought her candies, desserts and other confectioneries.

The other character who has my highest regard is Grevil. I hated the guy at first for being so stupidly arrogant. I always thought he’s nothing but an airhead detective who’s trying to be smart. He proved me wrong – not so much on his intelligence but his character and attitude. He showed his caring side in a case involving the woman he loved – Jacqueline. Later on, he also showed that he cared about Victorique even though he’s obliged to obey his father’s orders.

I’ve always liked anime with old European setting. Medieval too. If I’m correct, Gosick has more of old European setting since it took place in the early 1900s. I love to see the building architectures and even their transportation. Much of the buildings still exist till this day but as for the transportation, not so much. Can you imagine instead of cars we have horses and carriages on the street now? I cannot. Parking will be a major problem. That’s besides the point. The main point is (yeah, finally getting to it) Gosick has beautiful scenery as backdrop. There were a few times I thought I’d like to run across those fields or have a stroll along one of those winding roads. So, it’s an extra plus for me who likes seeing beautiful things. >.<

Also, the ED songs are good. Two of them. For some reason, this year’s anime lack of good OP and ED songs. I must’ve picked the wrong titles to watch.

For me, although I know some may disagree, Gosick is a good mystery series. I’m planning to buy its translated novels so I can have a better understanding of some of the cases. I think for manga readers out there, you know the anime always either added unnecessary or cut off necessary scenes right? I hope getting the novels I can see the whole picture of some of the cases. The question is where do I get them?

The series has ended, but there are few things left me pondering.

  1. Are the Brians really “gray wolves” but with different outward appearance? Since they were kicked out of Seyrun, I assumed they were born there? I was a bit confused. It probably would’ve been easier if that other Brian didn’t reveal this fact to Victorique.
  2. I still don’t know why Victorique’s hair turned silver at the end. Too stress or did she color it to escape attention?
  3. Will there ever be a Nendoroid Victorique? She’ll look adorable!!! I’ll be the first to hit the reserve button if they would just make them!

16 thoughts on “Gosick

  1. The Brians were only half wolves, which is why they didn’t have blonde hair. Regarding Victorique’s hair, my assumption is that she coloured it. Even if the boat took a few months to get to its destination, that’s not long enough for all of it to turn silver/gray.

    If they ever made a nendoroid Victorique, I would buy it in a heartbeat.

    • I assume she colored her hair too. She overheard the conversation about the search for a fugitive so she colored her hair to avoid getting caught. But then again, this is anime. Anything could happen – her hair could very well turn silver overnight.

      Let’s wait for GSC to announce a nendoroid Victorique then =).

  2. Couldn’t agree more about the fact that Victorique changed a lot ever since she met Kujou – even though I still hate him lol. Still, I think he deserves being with Victorique after all that hardship. And yeah, reading the light novels will definitely help you to understand more about the mysteries. LN readers said that the anime focused too much on histories and fairy tales while the LN are more contrast on the mysteries, or so they say.

    • Cool, like I hope it would be. The light novels, that is. I actually don’t mind the anime as it is, but since I’m in for its mysteries I should probably check out the light novels.

      I’ll ask around the local bookstores first…

  3. Well said dood. I feel the same way…except I enjoyed both Victorique’s greatness AND the plot accompanying the show. In short, this anime rocked and is one of my favs this year. for those who denied it, their loss.

    I don’t know a thing about the LNs because I rarely compare anime with their source material because I noticed that anime are 99% different than their source for varying reasons, which means you’ll get a different experience with both.
    Anyway, Victorique is awesome both with Gold and Silver hair.

    • Gosick is definitely my favorite to date. We still have summer and fall seasons, but definitely the current favorite.

      It’s a wise thing to do – not to compare anime and their original source cuz more often than not, we’ll be disappointed if we do that. Since I kinda like Gosick’s legends and mysteries, I figured I should at least give the light novels a try.

  4. Every episode brought something to the table, this a series where the smallest details matter. It wasn’t about the mystery of the week, but the truth behind the smoke and fables. I really enjoy watching this and happy in ended the way it did.
    The face of the king when he founds out the Cocco was alive was trully priceless.

  5. Yes. Some people do miss out after some generalize that the series will not be good after they have watched the first few episodes. Everything with Gosick turns great at the start of the Leviathan arc to the finish. I’m still getting goosebumps remembering the coco rose mystery and still saddened that the series has already ended.

    • I share your sentiment here. Coco Rose mystery definitely leaves a huge impact and after following the series for so long, I feel kinda sad that there will be no more new episode each week =(

      • This is the anime that made me seriously watch anime again. And since the anime is gone (forever, I suspect,) There is the looming thought in me to buy the light novels, which from what I have read is fan-translated (or I might be mistaken on that part,) I found some light novels in its original Japanese format. But I cannot understand it T_T This is one of those moments when I get terribly frustrated for not understanding Japanese.

        • I visited Amazon and other online stores and found copies of English translated Gosick light novels. I haven’t place my order yet since I wanna try my luck with the local stores first.

          It is a disadvantage, at least for me, to not understand Japanese. Can’t read novels and manga unless they’re translated. T.T

  6. When I first started it, I thought it would flop. I didn’t really care for the way it was presented but Victorique seemed interesting enough. From the synopsis I really thought the whole thing would take place aboard a ship. I sure was wrong though and I found myself getting more and more interested with each episode. I’m quite glad the series was a longer one. Everything played out so perfectly by the end I was left with a great aftertaste, I really enjoyed Gosick probably the most out of the season. I agree, Victorique needs a nendo, or even a Figma.

    • Same here, it was the anime I enjoyed the most. Yes, definitely agreed that the series got more interesting as it progressed. It got more complicated and a lot more intriguing stories too.

      Yeah, Victorique needs a nendo! I don’t mind having her in Figma either but she’ll be soooo cute as a nendo. >.<

  7. I’ll keep this short once again:
    -Victorique is love, Love, LOVE!
    -Lack of good mysteries till the 2nd half of the show is not an issue with me, neither is the inaccuracy of fashion. I don’t have much taste in clothing.
    -Kujo is a real man’s man. do not deny his manliness for he is an awesome clumsy oaf with a good heart who perfectly complements Victorique’s intelligence and not so strong body with his brawn and determination.
    -Most of the side characters are also pretty cool.
    -The plot itself when it really starts taking off, IT TAKES OFF BIG TIME!! I feel sorry for those who denied greatness. Yoda vs Palpatine anime style. YOU CANNOT MAKE THIS STUFF UP BABEH!

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