Usagi Drop Episode 1: The Bellflower Girl

I’ve gone through a few series’s first episodes and Usagi Drop’s really impressed me. In the first episode alone, it managed to build up what I think would be the foundation of the whole series.

First of all, it clearly showed that no one in the Kawachi family is fond of the idea of Rin being around. She’s the illegitimate child of Daikichi’s grandfather. Yeaps, you’ve read it right. She’s technically his aunt, the love child of his recently deceased 79 year old grandfather. When this fact was revealed, I really laughed out loud. I totally didn’t expect that. Let’s just say that I understand why Daikichi’s mother felt embarrassed.

Secondly, over the next few minutes after Rin and Daikichi first met, you’ll know that there’s an unspoken bond between the both of them. Rin seems to like Daikichi. She tends to take interest in whatever he’s doing. The same goes to Daikichi. It’s probably just the curiosity about a new stranger for both of them. Or maybe cuz Daikichi resembles her father…

Thirdly, Daikichi is a person with mild temperament. It’s probably for the best as it allows viewers to understand why a 30 year old single man chose to take care of Rin. There are many things a 30 year old single person can do, and can do a whole lot better without a child. And yet, Daikichi decided to take Rin in. I wondered why but I suppose I could see he was being kind to a little girl cuz that’s just his character.

Personally, I think making such a huge decision in such a short time is insane. Taking care of a child is a huge responsibility. Believe me, I hear stories of my friends about their kids. It’s just not easy bringing up a child. Over the next few weeks, we’ll most likely see the hardships and struggles Daikichi will face (just like my friends did!) when trying to manage his personal life while providing shelter for Rin. Also, Rin will most likely try her best to fit in into Daikichi’s life without troubling him too much. She seems like the kind of kid who thinks of the well-being of others before hers. It’s easy to like Rin. She’s quiet, thoughtful like how she knows her father (still can’t believe it) likes the blue bellflower.

A thought came to mind as I was still watching the series. Usagi Drop perhaps is really the anime that’s suitable for all ages. For the little kids, it’s an anime about a story of a young girl. For adults, it’s an anime about a story of a young man. For those in between, well, you choose. Something like that.

P.S Tweeted with @juunta right after I saw the first episode and it turns out maybe, just maybe, the anime is taking a different direction from manga. We’ll see about that in the coming weeks.


15 thoughts on “Usagi Drop Episode 1: The Bellflower Girl

  1. I haven’t watched this yet. From the plot summary I thought it was going to be something ecchi, but it sounds like a sweet family show. Now I’ve got to go check it out.

    • Hmm..nothing ecchi in the first episode and I don’t think there’s going to be anything ecchi. >.<

      Go check this out. I'm sensing a heartwarming drama from this one.

  2. Usagi Drop really impressed me as well. It’s so cute and so heartwarming. Emotional yet relaxing. I love it.
    And yea, great point on how people of all ages can all find something worth watching in this series.

  3. I am still planning to watch this as soon as possible. Need to clear some backlog first. Did hear the art as similar to Honey and Clover, so I plan to watch that as well, lol.

  4. I’m really impressed with this anime first episode. Really capturing my heart,and made me to continue this series. Such a heartwarming first ep…

    • That’s amazing. I’d say this type of story, usually its manga version will tell a lot more. Like their inner thoughts, for example. It’ll allow the audience to understand the characters better.

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