Luffy’s Friends’ Reactions After The Math

Finally, Luffy’s crew found out about Ace’s death. We’ve seen how the world reacted to his death right? So it’s time to see how those close to Luffy received the news. I find it touching that the crew’s first thought was about Luffy. They felt for Luffy. I bet they know Luffy’s taking it harder than anyone else. Of course, they were shocked about the news, but they don’t really know Ace. I mean, they met at Alabasta and that’s about it.

I am pretty sure they were crushed for not able to be there for Luffy when he needed them the most. If we reflect on past episodes, Luffy has always been there for his crew members when they needed him. For example, Luffy was there for Robin when she needed a light to encourage her to live. She was pretty much a living dead before she met Luffy and when she decided to sacrifice herself to join CP9 in order to save the StrawHat Pirates.

Like Ace’s death, I’ve already anticipated this. It’s one of the things I find myself doing since I’m also the manga reader. I brace myself for what comes next (I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or not). Still, I caught myself getting intense as I waited for their response. Their surprises and maybe even their pain were conveyed loud and clear.

Also, Dadan’s reaction to Ace’s death and Luffy’s well-being was truly heartbreaking. I’m glad Oda decided to show Ace’s and Luffy’s past together and introduced a guardian who is so close to them. She doesn’t show it, but we all know how she felt about those boys. She’s an amazing character, playing the role of a mother to Ace and Luffy. She’s protective of them and is the kind who is willing to give up her life for them. When I saw her punching Garp…man, I wish it was me punching instead. She’s one of the remnants of Luffy’s happy past with Ace. Only she could really tell Luffy’s pain for losing Ace. Perhaps one day, Luffy can sit down with her in that shelter and start talking about Ace. >.<

Anyways, the anime is catching up pretty quickly. Or maybe not but it sure feels like it’s catching up. Soon, the crew will reunite and lots of other interesting stuff will happen. I’m sure loads of fans are waiting for the moment. I know I am.

So..ladies and gentlemen, fans of One Piece, do you think the StrawHat Pirates will be reunited in anime by the end of the year? Let’s just cross fingers and hope that there will be no fillers whatsoever.


6 thoughts on “Luffy’s Friends’ Reactions After The Math

  1. I no longer follow the animes of Shonen manga series I read since like..years ago. Unless for certain exciting fights that I’d wan’t to see being animated. So yeah, just my 2 cents but I think they’ll reunite by the end of the year ; 5 months is just more than enough.

    Nevertheless I think Ace’s death is a must in order for the story to move on. Heck, Luffy wouldn’t be able to lay a finger against the marine top dogs or the strong ones of the New World if he didn’t realize he’s still not strong enough to protect the ones he love. I am sad about his death too back then but I believe in a fair fight, Ace would’ve won that.

    • I’ll always enjoy the anime more. I think sound effects and movements are really important for shonen series. Besides, One Piece manga’s a bit messy. It’s just my opinion though. >.<

      Yes, a lot of people that I know, in real life and blogosphere, also agreed that Ace's death is necessary. Sad but necessary. Gosh, I sounded mean T.T But it's true. Cuz before Ace's death, Luffy has always seen himself as a strong person. It was only after the event that he realized he's actually weak.

    • Omg, I never thought of that. I was too focused on Luffy and his crew. That’s a good point. Luffy’s a reasonable man, I think he’ll be able to get along just fine with Garp. He’ll understand Garp’s duty as a marine.

  2. I hope they can maintain their relationship as a family between Garp and Luffy the next time they meet. I hope Luffy didn’t punch him for not saving Ace that time…

    I hope no filler in the anime too. Its kinda annoying. Well, I knew that filler is inevitable in a long shot anime series. >.<

    • Oh I want Luffy to punch Garp. Blow off some steam and whatnot. But they’ll get friendly after throwing a few punches back and forth >.<

      Yeah, I know. Filler totally sucks. Almost there, almost there. Straw Hat Pirates will be reunited in anime soon. I can feel it. Haha.

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