Usagi Drop Episode 2: Pinky Swear

For Daikichi, a new life has begun. It includes a little girl called Rin. Rin isn’t sleeping over for a few days, but she’s going to be a huge part of his everyday life from now on. I salute him for being brave enough to take on this challenge – raising a kid who’s not his own. I think it takes a lot of courage to do that, even though Daikichi may only step forward cuz no one else in the family is willing.

There’s a lot for Daikichi and Rin to learn from each other. I’m not referring to their personalities, behavior or what they like and dislike. I’m referring to the little lessons both can pick up from each other. Rin may be a young girl, but she behaves and has great manners. She kinda sounds like an old grandmother at times >.<. I like that even with such great age difference, Daikichi and Rin are getting along just fine. They can tease each other, joke around, basically just having fun spending time together. In a way, they’re almost like father and daughter.

At some point in this episode, I was thinking if Rin was Reina, Daikichi may not be motivated enough to take her in. Reina’s my worst nightmare. I’m not saying that I dislike kids or anything, however, I do find kids like Reina annoying. So I’m glad Rin’s such a lovely girl.

Towards the end of this week’s episode, it left me wondering if Daikichi will set out to look for Rin’s mother. He’s definitely feeling the burden. He needs time to adjust, leaving behind a typical bachelor life. He’s starting to make mistakes at work as he’s rushing to make sure he’ll be on time to fetch Rin.

One more thing, Japanese sure walks a lot huh? Maybe that’s one of the key reason why they stay so much healthier. In Kuching, most of us has our own transportation and we go everywhere by car. No walking. I haven’t seen anyone carrying something that huge on their back like Daikichi here and walk so far to get back home.

This episode certainly reflected Daikichi’s struggles as he tried his best to make it work. He has been running all over the place! That poor man. At least, he had picked up a few handy skills and knowledge about raising kids like how to buy clothes. >.< At this point, it’s too early to tell if he can make it work, although I hope he can.

Just a thought – will it be easier for Daikichi if Rin’s a boy? Would Usagi Drop be different then? I guess I’ll leave the thought at that.


8 thoughts on “Usagi Drop Episode 2: Pinky Swear

  1. What I love about this episode is that Rin is showing more emotion and expressions than I thought she could. Some people may have believed that she’s a child with delayed speech and such but she was perfect fine in this episode. Even if she has issues with her speech, it’s fine as long as she can express herself with facial expressions to get her point across.

    I must say though, it’s been tough for Daikichi to adjust to his new lifestyle and it’s only been a few days. I hope he doesn’t breakdown from the stress and exhaustion.

    • That’s what I thought. It was suggested that she has delayed speech problem but I see she’s doing fine in this episode. The most important thing is that she’s able to deliver her message across to her recipients. She even read for a kid. I think she’ll grow up just fine.

      Daikichi already looked very exhausted in this episode. He’s juggling his duties at work and at home. When he took out that medical book, I really wondered if he’ll be out looking for Rin’s biological mother. Either way, Rin will be crushed if Daikichi chooses to leave her with her mother.

      • If Daikichi really does try to find her mother, she’ll need to be able to get her feelings across on the matter whether she agrees or disagrees–although I’m hoping that she won’t agree to it. I wish he’ll hang in there for her because it seems that she’s taken a liking to him and is having fun being in his care even if it is taking a toll on big time on him. Maybe he’ll be able to find a nursery that’s a lot closer so that it won’t be that much of a burden on him…

        • It’ll be really tough on her if Daikichi really choose to leave her. She has already suffered so many loses at such young age. Anyways, we’ll just what and see how this plays out.

  2. I really love how Usagi Drop is turning out. If Rin were more like Reina, I don’t think the show would be anywhere near as good.

    My prediction for where this series will go is that Daikichi will eventually find Rin’s mother, and perhaps the two of them will end up together and Rin will have a complete set of parents 🙂

    • Yeah, the first two episodes were solid. I hope it continues to stay strong. If Rin was more like Reina, I probably won’t watch Usagi Drop. She’s a bit too noisy.

      Hmm..surprisingly, I don’t have any prediction for this series. I seriously haven’t considered how this series might end. I like your idea – that’ll be lovely for both Rin and Daikachi.

  3. I love the interaction between Rin and Daikichi. It’s so cute. But more than that, I think the second episode did an amazing job detailing the struggles of raising a child. One of my favorite parts of the episode is when Daikichi realizes she has to go to kindergarten.

    Anyway, agreed. It’d definitely be interesting to see how much help he’ll ask of other relatives and how much he’ll receive, especially from those more annoyed by Rin’s existence.

    • And that it is Rin who reminded him that she’s going to a kindergarten. Lovely! One of my favorite parts too. Gosh, I feel like pinching Rin’s face right now.

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