Writing for One-Precinct

I’m popping in to write a quick announcement. I’m now writing for ONE-Precinct as well. Most likely on weekly basis. At this moment, I’m writing a weekly review for Mawaru Penguindrum. So if you, my much appreciated readers, are interested then do pop in and have a read. I kinda hope you will. Haha. They have loads of other writers writing up on current anime series, cosplays, dollfies and so on. Rest assured, you won’t be bored by my posts.

Since I’m announcing I’m doing a Mawaru Penguindrum episodic review, I thought I should also share these photos with you. Totally related right? It’s papercraft in case you’re wondering. I like how it also come with the box! A good friend of mine made this. He’s very good with papercrafts while I totally suck. I posted this on my Google+ too, but thought I should share such a cute thing with everyone.

Oh, one more thing – in case you’re wondering, I’m still running this blog.


14 thoughts on “Writing for One-Precinct

    • Unfortunately, I couldn’t convince my friend to give them to me. No amount of bribing can do. Should’ve just sneak into his office and steal them from his desk.

  1. Awesome papercraft, quite a talented friend you have ^^ I’ve done a little papercraft but nothing original. I thought they were mugs upon first glance xD

  2. And that’s where I first heard about ya, or rather we heard about each person’s blogs. Good stuff ever since. I apologize for not visiting your crib sooner but here I am. Keep on rockin’ both in One-Precinct and here dood.

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