Usagi Drop Episode 3: Daikichi’s Decision

Usagi Drop is proud to present you Usagi TV. Full HD. 1080p. 42 inch. Plasma. Outputs crystal clear pictures and has great sound system. Rin’s here to assure you Usagi Drop is best viewed with Usagi TV.

You’re not laughing? Okay, that’s a lame joke. Let’s get to the gist then. (Sulking…)

Now, Haruko was right. Daikichi is really impressive for being able to juggle his responsibility at work and at home. We have seen this last episode, and I daresay all of us agree. This week’s episode saw Daikichi took a further step in ensuring us that he’s very serious about raising Rin. I would have named this episode as “Daikichi’s Sacrifice” instead of “Daikichi’s Decision”, but Gotou-san was right – words have to be chosen correctly as we speak since it carries power. Isn’t that why we are advised to hold our tongues?

While it isn’t clear whether Daikichi opted for demotion or anything since he only asked for a job that has fixed working hours.  No OT. Either way, his career is affected after making such huge decision. I’m glad he didn’t make rash decisions this time around since he actually took time to investigate the consequences of his decisions. Very different from when he volunteered to take care of Rin.

On brighter note, it’s sooooo good to see his family is accepting Rin. They realized that they wasn’t being very kind to her during the funeral, and are working to make amends. I wanted to strangle Kazumi at one point. She’s the one who’s against Daikichi’s decision of raising Rin the most. But I decided to let her off the hook since she made an effort and try to get to know Rin. I kind of like this part here. I mean, I really thought Daikichi’s family will continue on to be hostile towards Rin until like maybe the last few episodes. It’s surprising to see his family starting to accept Rin so soon. It’s a good thing. I can see the little girl’s really happy.

I laughed out loud when Daikichi pointed out Rin likes old people stuff. As I mentioned before, Rin sounds and behaves like a grandmother. Fiiiiine…that sounds a bit harsh. Alright, I’ll stop saying that. But her liking old people stuff could be resulted from spending more time with people from older age groups. A brief flashback indicated she spent most of her time with grandpa.

Usagi Drop has another surprise in stored for me this week. It turns out Masako is a maid, and most likely not Rin’s mother. There’s still a possibility but I kinda doubt it since Rin mentioned Masako was all mad and dislike her. So what now? Who’s Rin’s mother? What happened after Rin’s birth? This is getting really interesting…..

Anyways, the heartwarming exchange between Daikichi’s family and Rin this week is definitely the highlight of this episode. I’m looking forward to see each of them playing some roles in raising Rin in the future, creating a warm family Rin might be longing for. Very sweet. =)


10 thoughts on “Usagi Drop Episode 3: Daikichi’s Decision

  1. Yeah, seeing Daikichi’s mom teaching Rin various stuff made my heart smile. I lol’d at the TV bit, I didn’t notice it until you pointed it out ^_^

    • Yeah, I know. I like the whole part where Daikichi’s parents were spending with Rin. It was so sweet.

      Haha. The moment I saw “Usagi” printed on the TV, I knew I wanted to write something about it. >.<

  2. What I find interesting on this episode is how Daikichi’s family, especially his mom, welcomed Rin—that’s very heart-warming. I also like how Reina isn’t that completely annoying kid because she’s nice to Rin.

    Btw, good catch on the Usagi TV. ^^

    • Yeah, that’s the highlight of this episode – how Daikichi’s family is learning to accept Rin. I like that. At least, now I know he has someone to turn to if something happens.

      Reina’s definitely behaving this week. =)

  3. Everythings works fine now. Daikichi thinks for the best for him and Rin. I think he chooosed the wise option. Rin gotten attach to Daikichi family and not like before which is great. Overall, I like this episode. Kids really do give you a heartwarming feeling.

    • Ahh..I thought you’re not watching until the series ends, but I’m glad you’ve been following it so far =)

      Yeaps, you’re right and I like this episode too. It’s a very positive progress.

  4. Loll nice catch. Didn’t notice the Usagi TV at all.

    Anyway, agreed. It’s super heartwarming to see the family accept Rin. I’m really curious as to who Rin’s mother is. I guess we’ll find out more.

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